Spells 1.1

A plugin providing various magic wands with individual abilities.

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    • 1.16
    Bedri, Fabian, Robert, Krystian, Merlin, Philipp, KokosnussDEV, Juliasto
    With the help of "/spells" you can give yourself all of the magic sticks at once. The individual abilities of the magic wands are listed below.

    This Plugin includes the following features:

    [1.0] Lumos:
    You can use Lumos to see in the dark. Helpful when you can´t find that favourite book of yours. Works by giving the nightvision effect.

    [1.0] Nox

    Simply allows you to undo the effect of Lumos.

    1.0] Bombarda Maxima:
    Summon a lightning bolt, which creates a huge explosion on impact and leaves a crater. Very practical when there´s an obstacle in your way.
    Bombarda Maxima 1-min.png

    [1.0] Incendio:
    Incinerate your surroundings, by right-clicking on blocks to ignite them. You can lure your enemies into fire to kill them, or you can cook you pork by burning a pig nearby. If you have no interest in any of these things, you can still use it to burn down your friends house.

    [1.0] Arresto Momentum:
    Locks enemies and other mobs in place, by giving them the slowness effect. This is very useful as it grants you the chance of escaping or attacking your enemy.

    [1.1] Reparo
    Gives you the ability to repair your armor and tools. This spell works by holding the respective item that is in need to be repaired in your off-hand, while right-clicking with the Reparo-wand.

    [1.1] Confudo

    As you may guess from its name, this spell gives other players the nausea effect in order to confuse them.

    [1.1] Episkey
    Heal other players by right-clicking on them. Comes in handy, if you want to prevent your friends from dying.

    [1.1] Accio
    Pick up items nearby in a certain radius. Useful in case you can´t reach that netherite pickaxe you dropped in lava.

    [1.1] Wingardium Leviosa
    Lift other mobs and move them upwards. Works simply by giving the entity the levitation effect. If your farm animals regularly escape their enclosure, this spell might be the solution to your problems.

    Version 1.0 - Tuesday, 3rd May 2021
    Version 1.1 - Wednesday, 10th May 2021

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