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  1. Spiderman can swim fast!!!

    Hey everyone. so i was working on the plugin today and was planing to add permissions. but afther 2 houers of trying to find out how to do it right. i didnt find out why it didnt work. i did try the way it always has been working for me but this time it didnt work.

    i will keep trying to i find a way to add permissions to the plugin.
    But i have as well been working with adding new stuff to the plugin.

    Today it was just something small but know you can swim faster in and on the top of the water. sorry for the part of the perms but i hope everyone will enjoy the water thing (its a little glichy some times)

    Perms will come so fast i will be avable to fix it. i will try to get it done before next year. if not im in working with the webshooters and it looks cool and i will be adding more stuff for the next update. This is more just to tell im in work with perms and adding new stuff.

    thx for all the report and downloads hope people like the plugin.
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