Spiderman travling tools | 1.14 support 0.4.2

Spiderman, grappling hook, Spider-man, minecraft, wallsprint, kits

  1. Full permissions support!!!!

    Yay finly i add permissions to the hole plugin. since i started this prosject this has been asked bye everyone. yeah its finly here. It has been a little long time but know its here. I hope everyone wants to try this out.
    Im back at working with new things to the plugin.
    other stuff is i have change alot in the codes so its easer for me to add new blocks to wall climbing and more simple to work with the systems. this dont change anything for you guys but the plugin file will me a little smaller.

    list of permissions:
    hope everyone will like the update :)

    spider.web (use fishing rod to swing aroung)
    spider.wall (wallclimbing + speed in water and cobweb)
    will come here later
    spider.tools (gives you all the spider tools )
    fishing rod (swing around)
    more to come
    spider.build (gives you all the wallclimbing blocks)

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