Spiderman travling tools | 1.14 support 0.4.2

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  1. Spiderman 1.14 support


    Im "back"
    i dont think i will finish this plugin

    im sorry afther the server that i did make this plugin for originly did close down i did stop working on it.

    this is just a 1.14 update shold now work fine

    report if any problems with 1.14 or older versions of minecraft

    have a nice day and hope

    Afther some people says this plugin is annoying in creative and some people want to use the fishing rod normal in survival i come up with this ide. Hope people like it.

    So in this update i set it so you only can use the powers in the ADVENTURE mode
    i change so if you use /spidertools you will be sett in adventure mode.

    But know you might think what if the players want to go back to survival :eek:
    i fix that as...​
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  3. Full permissions support!!!!

    Yay finly i add permissions to the hole plugin. since i started this prosject this has been asked bye everyone. yeah its finly here. It has been a little long time but know its here. I hope everyone wants to try this out.
    Im back at working with new things to the plugin.
    other stuff is i have change alot in the codes so its easer for me to add new blocks to wall climbing and more simple to work with the systems....​
  4. New blocks to wallclimbing


    1. [​IMG]



    and added speed to cobweb like the water. since you are a spider (this will be more effectiv in later updates but it is there to testing)

    hope people will enjoy the update
  5. Added commands With perms (only perms at commands)

    perm: (Spider.tools)
    Gives you all spider tools (so far only fishing rod)

    perm: (spider.build)
    Gives you all the blocks that spiderman can use.

    Over 1000 downloads :O its amazing hope i will get fixing perm to the rest in later updates.
  6. Spiderman can swim fast!!!

    Hey everyone. so i was working on the plugin today and was planing to add permissions. but afther 2 houers of trying to find out how to do it right. i didnt find out why it didnt work. i did try the way it always has been working for me but this time it didnt work.

    i will keep trying to i find a way to add permissions to the plugin.
    But i have as well been working with adding new stuff to the plugin.

    Today it was just something small but know you can swim faster in and on the top of the...
  7. Spiderman wallsprint balance fix

    Hey so this is a realy small update. it was not planed to come with a update already.
    But since so many have downloaded the plugin and tryed it out i want to fix a little thing in the last update. i hope it works better now and i have a plan to add some more stuff realy soon.
    Hope many people like it and reamber to be a good spiderman.
  8. Spiderman | Added wallclimbing (in beta)

    Added wallclimbing to bricks (so far only bricks)
    thx for all that have dowloaded and tryed the plugin so far. hope someone want to give it some stars :) any ides what this plugin needed? just tell me