Spigot Compiler & Minecraft Server Launcher 1.0.7

With this app, you will no longer need to use 2 apps for starting server and compiling last builds!

  1. Compile option and some visual changes

    + Added option to compile the latest version of Spigot in a folder named "Builds".
    + Latest version of "BuildTools.jar" will be downloaded and latest build of Spigot 1.8 will be compiled.
    + Added to everytab (Setup menu, Start and so on) a specific title.
    + Added otion to change LauncherHeader color. (Only form "launcherconfig.cfg").
    + Added a new menu which offers three resources with download pages (Git, Java and Spigot 1.7.10).
    comp.png ...​
  2. Small updates

    + Changed all strings and messages
    + Changed icon :)
    + Optimized the code a little bit
  3. Some changes

    + Set the start-up cooldown to 6 seconds.
    + Added Restart option.
    + The .exe file can now be renamed.
    + Changed some strings and colors
    + Now the launcher will log even the creation of "launcherheader.cfg" and/or "launcherconfig.cfg".
    + Fixed some color bugs.
    + Re-written almost all code.
    + Removed our branding from the title bar.
  4. Customizable and functional

    + I added a file that is automatically generated (header.file). In this file you can customize the logo according to your own preferences.
    + Fixed bugs:
    1. When changing server title/version no entry in log was made for the change. (A little bug, but now fixed)

  5. Fixed time bug

    + Clock format bug fixed.
  6. Fixed bugs and added some new features

    + Added colors to strings in startup and setup mode
    + Fixed bug (after pressing a key to skip countdown, the pressed key was then typed in the input box)
    + Launcher will now auto restart after changing Server Title/Version
    + Version number will now be displayed in the Title Bar of the window