Spigot SQLite Updater 1.0

An easy GUI to update the SQLite library in the Spigot .jar

  1. RobiRami
    Spigot SQLite Updater

    This is an easy-to-use GUI that allows you to select your Spigot .jar and update the SQLite library in it. This can be useful if you want better performance, bug fixes and overall more stability for plugins using SQLite.

    Why isn't Spigot's original library updated?

    It will be updated in 1.11 so this will only be useful for every version below that.

    How to use?
    Double-click the downloaded .jar, click 'Select file' and select your Spigot .jar.
    Click update and wait until it updates. Check the -UPDATED.jar file in the folder of your Spigot .jar


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Recent Reviews

  1. SladeHazard
    Version: 1.0
    Don't Even know what this plugin do but i always keep mY files updated!

    very good