SpigotBridge v1.0.5

Bridge between Spigot and Bungeecord using the BungeeMSG plugin.

  1. FadiDev
    • Connection with Bungeecord through BungeeMSG
    • Developer API (Create your own variables!)
    • Spigot Variables (World Name, Location)
    • Vault Variables (Prefix, Suffix, Balance)
    • Essentials Variables (Nickname, Vanish)
    • Factions Variables (Faction Name)
    • CardinalPGM Variables (Prefix)
    • Nicky Variables (Nickname)
    • SuperVanish Variables (Vanish)
    • VanishNoPacket Variables (Vanish)
    • You may suggest other variables here.
    (Vanish variables hide players from CMD + TAB and targetable commands)
    • /sbreload (Reload config & reset data in BungeeMSG)
    If you found any sorts of bugs or do you have any suggestions, please, put them in the discussion tab so I'll be able to make this plugin better!

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Recent Reviews

  1. BBoyJD10
    Version: v1.0.5
    Does not work in 1.13 servers! Should be added for new review :) we hope this can be resolved.
  2. Matthew_Cash
    Version: v1.0.5
    I tried using the plugin to put colored ranks in the /msg, but I didn't do it right, please post a tutorial.
    1. FadiDev
      Author's Response
      Some information is given at the wiki page. I'll post a better tutorial shortly.