SpigotCommandLib 1.2

An easy to use command library to reduce boiler plate code for creating commands.

  1. MrBlobman
    An easy to use library that helps developers create commands as easy as they create event handlers. The goal for this project is to have a user friendly front end and simple-to-setup back end. The developer doesn't need to worry about sub commands, help messages, incorrect sender messages or permission messages.

    • SubCommand support with multiple aliases per command section.
    • String arguments with spaces can easily be given by wrapping the single String in "". Ex: /cmd "This is one argument"
    • 3 command models including fragmented commands for polymorphic commands based on the executors state.
    • Pre-Parsed argument types allowing you to specify the type of each additional argument in your command
    • Automatically hooks into the default /help menu
    • Intuitive and automatic messages when:
      • An argument is the wrong type (should be an int but was a boolean)
      • A command can only be executed by a Player but the CommandSender is not a Player
      • An unknown sub command is given
      • The player doesn't have permission to use the command
      • An incorrect number of arguments is given
    • 1.8 help messages taking advantage of command suggestion, clickable text and hoverable text to greatly improve help messages
    Check out the wiki on github for an in-depth tutorial:
    Check out the source and some example commands:

    Command arguments can have spaces if wrapped in quotes

    Beautiful help messages:
    ... that are clickable:

Recent Updates

  1. New command models