SpigotGraph | Stats & Graphs of your resource sales | Sale calculator | Browser Extension 1.4.6

You wan't to see your premium resources stats?

  1. 1.4.6 | Author dashboard improvement + fix (Brianna Contributions)

    • Improved the author dashboard (by Brianna)
    • Fixed issues with author dashboard and multiple pages (by Brianna)
    Chrome update can take up to 60 minutes, if you are not patient load it as uncompressed extension from the...
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  2. 1.4.5 | Disable resources from authors dashboard

    • Added the ability to disable specific resources from appearing on the author dashboard (Suggested by Brianna)
    • Minor improvements on the author dashboard too
    Chrome update can take up to 60 minutes, if you are not patient load it as uncompressed extension from the github repo
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  3. 1.4.4 | Graphs in Author page

    • Added daily/monthly graph on the author page
    Chrome version can take up to 60 minutes
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  4. 1.4.3 | Minor fixes

    Chrome version can take up to 60 minutes to upload
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  5. 1.4.2 | Firefox Hotfix

    • Fixed author page error in firefox
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  6. 1.4.1 | Sale Calculator

    • Added sale calculator, just click on "Edit" link on your premium resources, go to the section that you set the price/exchange and paypal account, and you will see a new "Sale: " label, just set the sale percent you wanna do, and press Apply Sale! it will update your "Cost: " label to the correct price =D I think that this is a very usefull feature
    • Updated exchanges, we have to remove the realtime API in old updates, and now for some...
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  7. 1.3.1 | NaN fix

    Chrome version may take some minutes to update, check its 1.3.1 before download!

    Issues Fixed:
    • Fixed NaN error
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  8. 1.3.0 | Monthly & Free copies stats

    • Added Monthly Sales Graph
    • Added Average Sales/Money Per Month
    • Added number of free copies gived and percentage of copies givedaway
    • Added "Total in USD" in author menu for each resource

    • Tweaked average zone in graph dashboard
    • Now graph display from first day to now (Instead of from now to first day) (Its also like a fix)
    • Load time decreased (This time is added to avoid problems with content_script order, for firefox i rewrite the...
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  9. 1.2.6 | Search Bar

    • Added search bar in list!
    • Updated overview page (Planned!)
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  10. Final Hot Fix | Chrome

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