SpigotLib 8.2

A library for every neccessary missing thing in Spigot.

  1. 8.2 - CommandAPI improvements

    + Added PacketPlayInBEdit to PacketInTypes
    + Added methods for saving / loading memory from Maps

    * Significantly improved CommandAPI
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  2. 8.1 - Economy and chat API related improvements

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  3. 8.0.1 - Fixed offline player management issues

    +New Discord server for SpigotLib development: https://discord.gg/Jr3bKpq
    *Moved dependencies to Maven
    *Fixed 1.13 offline player management issues
    *Area improvements
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  4. Added 1.13 support

    +Added 1.13 support
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  5. 7.1.1 - Fixed empty only stringData based ConfigFile saving issue

    *Fixed empty only stringData based ConfigFile saving issue
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  6. 7.1 - API improvements and bug fixes

    *API improvements and bug fixes
  7. 7.0.2 - Fixed custom item API bugs

    *Fixed custom item API related bugs
  8. 7.0.1 - Fixed TPSMeter toggling

    *Fixed TPSMeter toggling.
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  9. 7.0 - A huge pack of improvements

    +Added README to the BitBucket repo
    +Documented more classes
    +Added FORCE and OPFORCE custom commands
    +Added infinite loop detector to ConfigFile
    +Made lots of packet wrappers backwards compatible with 1.7.10 servers
    +Made TPSMeter toggleable in the config

    *Converted default CommandAPI commands to lamdas
    *AnimationAPI improvements
    *BungeeAPI bug fixes
    *Improved missing packet error messages
    *Improved class not found error reports
    *Other ReflectionAPI...
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  10. 6.6.2 - Fixed latebind not working issue

    *Fixed SpigotLib was unable to start packetAPI properly when latebind was enabled bug