SpigotLib 9.0.2

A library for every neccessary missing thing in Spigot.

  1. 9.0.2 - MySQL improvements

    *MySQL improvements
  2. 9.0.1 - Fixed BlockData class toString incorrect output in 1.14

    *Fixed BlockData classes toString method giving incorrect output in 1.14

    This fix also resolves the issue of the StarGate plugin not saving it's config properly in 1.14 version.
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  3. 9.0 - 1.14 support

    + Added 1.14 support

    Join the SpigotLib Discord server if you have any questions or you would like to report a bug.

    Please also report me any missing packet messages you will see in any Minecraft version.
  4. 8.4 - Added custom provider support to EconomyAPI

    +Added custom provider support to EconomyAPI
    +Added item balance types
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  5. 8.3 - Added Chat data input and fixed some 1.13.2 packet wrapper issues

    +Added Chat data input
    *Fixed some 1.13.2 packet wrapper issues
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  6. 8.2 - CommandAPI improvements

    + Added PacketPlayInBEdit to PacketInTypes
    + Added methods for saving / loading memory from Maps

    * Significantly improved CommandAPI
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  7. 8.1 - Economy and chat API related improvements

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  8. 8.0.1 - Fixed offline player management issues

    +New Discord server for SpigotLib development: https://discord.gg/Jr3bKpq
    *Moved dependencies to Maven
    *Fixed 1.13 offline player management issues
    *Area improvements
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  9. Added 1.13 support

    +Added 1.13 support
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  10. 7.1.1 - Fixed empty only stringData based ConfigFile saving issue

    *Fixed empty only stringData based ConfigFile saving issue
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