SpigotPeak | Spigot Visitors Graph | Know the peak hours to update your premium resources (WebPage) 2018-03-23

Know the peak hours to update your premium resources

  1. rodel77
    Don't know when update your premium resources? This page fetches the online users each 30 minutes store they and then creates a graph with all recorded data

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    Join Here: https://sp.rodeldev.xyz/

    Graph with Guests, Members, Robot and Total Visitors:


    Best hours of each day + best hour of all time:


Recent Reviews

  1. LoneDev
    Version: 2018-03-23
    Very cool! But seems it stopped recording a year ago which is not really good and needs to be fixed.
  2. cocoraid
    Version: 2018-03-23
    Great, amazing job
    Do not hesitate to give your idea to rodel !
    Very usefull for any dev
  3. F_o_F_1092
    Version: 2018-03-23
    I've created something similar a long time ago for my self... :)
    It could be helpful to see how long those resources are visible on the first page in comparison the the average number of users who are able to see them. ;)