SpigotSearchEngine 2.1.2

SpigotSearchEngine is a Browser Extension, it will help you to find any Resources on SpigotMC

  1. F_o_F_1092


    SpigotSearchEngine is a Browser Extension for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, it will help you to find any Resources on SpigotMC with the help of the added Searching bar.
    All Resources are sorted by their Priority (Plugin Rating, number of downloads and more)! :)


    Useful links
    All Open Source Plugins: https://fof1092.de/Plugins/SSE/openSourcePlugins.php
    All 1.7-1.15 Plugins: https://www.spigotmc.org/threads/330113/

    AND "Survival Games", "Survival AND Games"
    The "AND" operator does not make that much because a white space is always an "AND".

    OR "Survival Games OR Hunger Games"
    You can use the "OR" operator to display resources with different keywords at the same time.

    - "Slow" loading function
    - Logical operators (some more)
    - Searching in the Description (@Zembrow)
    - Displaying Bukkit.org Plugins
    - Overriding the "default" Plugin-List (@mrfloris)
    - "Upcoming Resources"
    - " Instant-Results" (@HoLiSchit)
    - And MORE! :)

    If you have a problem or a question about the Extension, message me first before leaving a review!

Recent Updates

  1. Update 2.1.2
  2. Update 2.1.1
  3. Update 2.1.0

Recent Reviews

  1. STN-Studios
    Version: 2.1.2
    This extension is the best I have ever seen in all of spigot
  2. Subhuti
    Version: 2.1.0
    It's so amazing I can't even put it into words.
    This is the feature I wanted.
    You are a developer I look forward to more of in the future.
  3. kacperleague9
    Version: 2.0.12
    i love it but please add pagination system and limiter for results, typing like a lags my pc lol
  4. Hilloy
    Version: 2.0.12
    i love this very useful but the only thing is that i always have to switch to use the unoptimized chrome when i wanna use it and would be nice to have either Microsoft edge version when on pc, and a safari version when on mac, other than that this extension is the greatest and makes looking for plugins much easier I don't know why spigot don't do anything about their search engine.
  5. Kendyman
    Version: 2.0.12
    Almost forgot to review this after using it 2 years. This extension is a must for finding resources easily.
  6. HugoTor09
    Version: 2.0.12
    GOOD, i like it! Great job, Amazing Extension, Continue doing that increible things!
  7. larssieboy18
    Version: 2.0.12
    It's a must have! It makes searching in Spigot actually useful. Would recommend this to anyone
  8. toolkt
    Version: 2.0.12
    Amazing browser extension, it's extremely useful because the Spigot search is horrible. Been using for months now, and has been an easier way to find plugins than the normal way. Thank you so much!
  9. Yellowbarmitzwa
    Version: 2.0.12
    thank you for creating this :)
  10. Despicable_Dad
    Version: 2.0.12
    The default Spigot search is absolutely AWFUL, so this browser extension is very welcome. Great work!