SpikeyRTP 1.0

A dynamic random teleport plugin.

  1. SpikeyNoob
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
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    This plugin allows you to give players the opportunity to randomly teleport around the world through a command and through a portal. This plugin is unique in that it can limit the number of rtps per player. By default it allows one rtp but you can change that number or simply use the bypass permission to negate the limit.

    /rtp - Randomly teleports the player.
    /stuck - After confirmation, kills the player.
    /rtpreset Resets the rtp limit for the given players.

    spikeyrtp.rtp - Allows a player to run /rtp (does not effect portals)
    spikeyrtp.bypasslimit - Caused rtps done by a player not to count to their limit
    spikeyrtp.reset - Allows a player to run /rtpreset

    In the config you can find useful settings including the max distance a player can be teleported, the max teleports a player can make, and the more advanced portal options.

    Also this plugin includes /removebeams. This will probably end up as its own plugin but for now it is built into this one. This plugin allows users to disable the beams coming out of end gateways. This can be used for building or with portals. (permission:spikeyrtp.removebeams)

    This is my first plugin(on spigot) so any advice or feedback would be great. Credit for the sqlite code to pablo67340!