Spirits 0.1.6

Roleplay lives and ghosts

  1. Allymonies
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    • 1.16
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    Spirits is a plugin meant for roleplay wherein dead players become semi-transparent ghosts after using up all of their lives. The config option non_canon_lives controls how many Minecraft deaths are allowed before the player becomes a spirit. If you want a death to be particularly important, hardcore mode can be enabled to set your lives to 1.

    (Plugin requires ProtocolLib)

    Note: Requires two teams, one for humans and one for spirits, the following commands will set that up.

    Code (Text):
    /team add Humans
    /team add Spirits
    /team join Humans %Humans
    /team join Spirits %Spirits
    /team modify Humans seeFriendlyInvisibles false


    /spirits help -- Lists the Spirits commands
    /spirits setlives <player> <amount> -- Sets <player>'s non-canon life count to <amount>
    /spirits revive [player] -- Makes <player> no longer a spirit
    /spirits kill [player] -- Makes <player> a spirit
    /spirits hardcore [player] -- Toggles "hardcore", setting their lives to 1 (useful for RP)


    spirits.spirits -- allow usage of /spirits
    spirits.setlives -- allow setting lives
    spirits.revive -- allow reviving self
    spirits.revive.others -- allow reviving others
    spirits.kill -- allow killing self
    spirits.kill.others -- allow killing others
    spirits.hardcore -- allow setting self to 1 life
    spirits.hardcore.others -- allow setting others to 1 life
    spirits.* -- all permissions
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  1. Drooper
    Version: 0.1.6
    This plugin is absolutely amazing! I love how it can fot right into a survival world, my only wish is that it was backported to 1.12.2