Spleef 1.6.8

Will you be the last one in the arena?

  1. NaruseII
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    Source Code:
    ISrVanzy, The_King_Senne
    Languages Supported:
    Français, Español, Nederlands, Polak, Custom (You can add your language)
    Plugin no longer supported

    Will you be the last one in the arena?


    Spleef is a very old mini-game, in which you will have to fight with other players (you choose the amount) on top of a track of snow blocks with a shovel, the objective of this mini-game is to break the floor of blocks of snow with your shovel and make the other players fall into the water, the last player standing is the winner, with this plugin this can become reality in a very easy, simple and comfortable way for your server.

    Discord (Support and more): https://discord.gg/sNNar8w
    FeedBacky (Bug and Suggestions): https://feedbacky.net/p/naruse-spleef


    Players commands | Admin commands
    To create an arena: /spleef create <Spleef name> <[Game Mode]>
    When your arena is created, perform /spleef set Arena <Spleef name> (It's to set the spawn in the arena when the game starts.) to save this location and perform /spleef set <Max or Min> <Spleef name> <Number> to save the minimum player size and maximum player size that the plugin needs to start or limit the arena.
    Perform /spleef set Spawn <Spleef name> to set the spawn where players will be teleported when game finish.
    (Optional: a lobby zone can be added by performing /spleef set Lobby <Spleef name>. It's the location where the players are teleported when they join an arena.)

    Perform a /spleef reload to start the arena and create a sign with:

    Click on the sign that you created then click again to join the arena and have fun!

    Players will lose when they touch lava or water.


    • /spleef help <[1, 2, ...]>
    • /spleef delete <Spleef name> (It will remove a Spleef)
    • /spleef reload (It's to reload all Spleefs)
    • /spleef <Open, Close> <Spleef name> (It's to close or open the sign of a spleef)
    • /spleef set lang <French, English, Spanish, Dutch, Custom> (Set the language of the game. French, English or Custom (Your language))
    • /spleef list (It will show you all Spleefs. Spleefs in operation and spleef in failure)
    • /spleef force <Start, Stop> <Spleef name> (It will force start or force stop a spleef)
    • /spleef allow <SnowBalls, Broadcast, Lightning, MagmaCream, ShowTime, GoldShovel, Spectator> (It will allow snowBalls to spawn when a block is broke. It will allow the plugin to broadcast a message when a spleef has a winner.)
    • Region:
      • /spleef set region <Spleef name> (Works with WorldEdit and also it doesn't work in 1.13)
      • /spleef remove region <Spleef name>
      • (These commands are useful to prevent players other than the game from breaking snow blocks.)
    • /spleef set time <Wait, BeforeMelt, BetweenMelt, Resting> <Number> (Useful to set the timer of all Spleefs)
    • /spleef set rewards <Win, Lose> <Number> (It will modify the money that players will earn when they win or lose a game)
    • /spleef set rewards command <Command> (The plugin will perform your command. Write '{player}' if you want the name of the player. Write your command without '/'.)
    • /spleef join <Spleef name> (It will join you in a game)
    • /spleef wager <Open, Decline, Accept, Wager> <[Player]> (Players can now wager their items on a game. The player who loses the game first loses his wager. This command is still under test. Bugs that I haven't seen may occur)
      • Example:
        • Player 1: /spleef wager wager Naruse
        • then Player 2: /spleef wager accept
    • /spleef set gameMode <Spleef name> <Game Mode> (It will modify the game Mode of a Spleef.)
    • /spleef set glowing (It will make players glowing in team mode)
    • /spleef duel <Invite, Decline, Accept> <[Player]> (Players can now make duels with other players. Duels work only for Spleef in duel mode. This command is still under test. Bugs that I haven't seen may occur)
      • Example:
        • Player 1: /spleef duel invite Naruse
        • then Player 2: /spleef duel accept
    • /spleef set holograms <Location, Enable> (This feature needs HolographicDisplays to work. This is a leader board of Spleef player. It will set the location where the holograms will spawn, and if there are enabled.)
    • /spleef block <List, Add, Remove> <[Type]> <[Data]> (It will add blocks that players can break.)
    • /spleef top (Shows the 10 best players, based on the count of wins.)


    Game modes are now available for Spleefs.
    To change the game mode of a Spleef, perform /spleef set gameMode <Game Mode>
    Here are the game modes
    Code (Text):
    -NORMAL (Default game mode)

    If you want a new game mode for Spleefs, send me a message on discord :)
    Next game mode (soon): FOUR_TEAM


    Code (Text):
    - speef.help (Perform /speed help)
    - spleef.create (Peform /spleef create)
    - spleef.delete (...)
    - spleef.reload
    - spleef.set
    - spleef.open
    - spleef.close
    - spleef.list
    - spleef.force
    - spleef.sign.create
    - spleef.sign.break
    - spleef.allow
    - spleef.deny.wager
    - spleef.deny.duel
    - spleef.deny.join


    Everything below is in the configuration file "messages.yml".
    Code (YAML):

    : "&c"
    : "&6"
    : "&a"
    : "&a"
    : "&4"
    : "&a"
    : "&c"
    : "&6"
    : "&a"
    : "&4"
    : "&c"

    If you want me to add your preferred language to the plugin. Come send me a message on Discord.
    The Spanish language requires a reload and must have the configuration file "messages.yml" empty. (You can still modify "messages.yml" but your changes will be visible in game. Spanish is simply written by default on "messages.yml", your changes come first.)


    The plugin is now compatible with Vault.
    The plugin can add money to a player when he loses or wins a game.
    If you want to change the money that players will earn, the /spleef set rewards <Win, Lose> <Number> command is there for that.

    The plugin is compatible with PaperSpigot. The only thing that does not pass is the region, indeed if a region is made on an arena, no snow block can be broken.

    To prevent a command during the game, here's how to do it. You will have to adapt according to your command.
    Code (Text):
    - fly
    - gamemode

    - PlaceholderAPI supported:
    - %spleef_first% -> Player with the most wins.
    - %spleef_second% -> Second player with the most wins.
    - %spleef_third% -> Third player with the most wins.
    - %spleef_fourth% -> Fourth player with the most wins.
    - %spleef_fifth% -> Fifth player with the most wins.
    - %spleef_wins% -> Get player's number of wins.
    - %spleef_loses% -> Get player's number of loses.


    !! IMPORTANT !!
    If you encounter a problem related to the plugin, please send me a message on Discord, Spigot or just leave a comment with the problem. ;)
    If you want some change in the plugin, you can ask me this change.
    If you saw any mistakes from my English, please tell me it on Discord
    Everything on this plugin is SUPPOSED to work in 1.14.
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  2. 1.15 update
  3. Bug fixed.

Recent Reviews

  1. Xyphien
    Version: 1.6.8
    Doesn't work with 1.16.1 once you get through the overly confusing set up and go to make the sign, the sign doesn't work at all. Completely none working plugin sadly.
  2. Stormeyes
    Version: 1.6.8
    This used to be a really nice and well working 1.15.2 version of spleef . Some paper update broke it though and since the dev isnt supporting it it sadly died on my server. Stil hoping the dev will return and fix it ! :)
  3. Dragonhelper
    Version: 1.6.8
    This plugin is absolute GARBAGE.

    1. You spawn with no spade or snowballs.
    2. It's very complex to setup. and yet you don't spawn in with anything.

    Get it improved.
  4. Georgi_Murlev
    Version: 1.6.8
    The plugin is way too confusing. And somehow I disabled the /spleef join command?
  5. kixmc
    Version: 1.6.8
    Barely works on 1.15. No shovel, errors in console. Would not recommend in it's current state,
  6. Mr_Miner26
    Version: 1.6.8
    This works pretty great. Even on 1.15.2 - I just had to set a command block to give players a shovel once they're in the arena.

    I am wondering if there is a permission to enable being able to place blocks while in the spleef game. I'd like to give players a stack of snow blocks to add a dynamic to the game. I have that part working, but they can't place them, even if I change to another game mode. Anyway, your help would be greatly appreciated!
  7. luigitime2
    Version: 1.6.8
    please help i setup the arena and whenever i start it i cant get a shovel
    i tried using your discord link but its invalid
    please help
  8. 0IamLegend0
    Version: 1.6.8
    Please help me.
    I use this plugin in 1.15.2 server.
    1.6.8 update it won't reset the arena when a game finishes and it keeps saying that the game is in progress.
    And I can't get golden shovel, but i setup. :\
  9. youngbendy
    Version: 1.6.8
    Everything is great, but I cant get the shovel in the game! Please help me. How can I contact you?
  10. manojl
    Version: 1.6.8
    Plugin working perfectly in 1.15.2!
    Great plugin, loved it!
    You can use water as the arena's fall limit!