Spooktober - Configurable player graves! 0.8

Player graves and spooky stuff! | Configurable mobs | Configurable gravestones | Reduce lag

  1. lmorgh
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    lmorgh, cirano


    This plugin creates a grave on the spot where a player dies, and when the grave block is broken, that player's inventory is dropped with a nice (and spooky) effect. Beware, enemies also appear to guard the dropped items!

    Spooktober was originally meant as a simple and fun plugin you can use on Halloween, but it has since became feature-rich and can be configured to your liking. Now we can say that it is on the way to becoming your 'player grave plugin' of choice.

    • Players won't drop their inventory on death (reduces lag)
    • Player's items are stored "inside" their grave
    • Players are able to reclaim their lost inventory without time limit
    • Cool visual and audio effects when breaking the grave
    • Mobs spawn upon breaking the gravestone (Configurable since 0.7!)
    • Config file for fine tuning the plugin to your liking
    • BONUS: players can use /hkit to get a full halloween armor set with each piece a random shade of brown
    • Config file, which will allow you to customize a lot of features DONE in 0.6
    • Customize which block to appear as the grave marker DONE in 0.6
    • Customize type and number of spawned monsters DONE in 0.7
    • Make graves more 'secure' by making them fire-proof etc.
    • Permissions DONE in 0.8
    • ...
    • Your suggestions!
    • /hkit equips the player with a halloween costume
      • permission: spooktober.hkit
    • To create a gravestone upon player's death:
      • permission: spooktober.gravestone
    Code (Text):
    # Set which block should appear as the gravestone when player dies (must be a valid bukkit material! Default: jack_o_lantern)
    gravestone-block: JACK_O_LANTERN
    # Set to 'false' if players should only be able to break their own gravestones
    allow-breaking-other-gravestones: true
    # Set to 'true' if you want players with empty inventory to create a gravestone on death
    create-empty-gravestone: false
    # Set to 'true' if you want the rising block effect to be a different material than your gravestone block
    override-rising-block-effect-material: false
    # Set the material that you want to appear as the rising block. This will only take effect if 'override-rising-block-effect-material' is set to true
    override-material: CARVED_PUMPKIN
    # List worlds where players should get gravestones when they die
      - world
      - world_nether
      - world_the_end
      - my_world
        type: zombie
        amount: 1
          head: carved_pumpkin
          hand: wooden_hoe
        - invisibility
        type: zombie
        amount: 2
        percent-chance-to-spawn: 50
          head: carved_pumpkin
          hand: wooden_hoe
        - invisibility
    # You can add as many groups as you want (and remove or modify the default group), as long as each group has a unique group name
    # Required keys are (nothing will spawn if you don't set these!):
    #'group_name:' - any unique name you want, without_spaces_or_special_characters
    #  'type:' - valid bukkit name for a mob, e.g. SPIDER or WITCH
    # Optional keys are (you can omit these, and the plugin will assume default values):
    #  'amount:' - how many mobs you want to spawn (defaut = 1)
    #  'percent-chance-to-spawn:' - chance to spawn each mob in this group (default = 100)
    #  'display-name:' - set what custom name should appear above mobs. Use quotes around the name if you're using spaces. Prefix color codes with '§' (default = no name )
    #  'health:' - set mob health (default = Minecraft default)
    #  'speed:' - set mob speed (default = Minecraft default)
    #  'attack-damage:' - set mob attack damage. Will only work for mobs that use melee attack, not for e.g. skeletons (default = Minecraft default)
    #  'equipment:' - enter subkeys for mob equipment
    #    'head:' valid bukkit item (default = Minecraft default)
    #    'chest:' valid bukkit item (default = Minecraft default)
    #    'legs:' valid bukkit item (default = Minecraft default)
    #    'feet:' valid bukkit item (default = Minecraft default)
    #    'hand:' valid bukkit item (default = Minecraft default)
    #    'offhand:' valid bukkit item (default = Minecraft default)
    #  'status-effects:' list status effects as new list entries, must use valid bukkit names (default = none)
    # Please note that plugin will likely error if you set weird values, like trying to assign attributes to mobs that don't match (e.g. 'type: cow' with 'attack-damage:' set). Be smart.
    # An example you can use (simply uncomment it and it should work):
      # op_red_zombies_that_always_spawn:
        # type: zombie
        # amount: 1
        # percent-chance-to-spawn: 100
        # display-name: '§cRed §fZombie'
        # health: 40
        # speed: 0.3
        # attack-damage: 4.0
        # equipment:
          # head: carved_pumpkin
          # chest: leather_chestplate
          # legs: leather_leggings
          # feet: leather_boots
          # hand: iron_axe
          # offhand: shield
        # status-effects:
          # - glowing



    If you find any bugs or have any suggestions, please let us know via the "discussion" tab on top of the resource page before making a negative review, and we will look into it ASAP.

    This plugin is being developed entirely in our free time. If you like our resource and want to show some appreciation, please consider making a small donation. It would mean a great deal.
    Thank you!


    keywords: halloween, spooky, fun, grave, graves, gravestone, gravestones, particle effect, scary, keep inventory, reduce lag, optimized, recommend, 5 stars, kit, scarecrow, spawn mobs, monsters, enemies

Recent Reviews

  1. CloudeLecaw
    Version: 0.5.2
    What a brilliant idea, this is definitiv something nice and special from all the ither grave plugins i saw. To use it over the whole year it would be cool to be able to setup the item in config. Then we could change the Design after Halloween to something else :-) well still great work! 6/5 Stars!
    1. lmorgh
      Author's Response
      And just so it happens that in the next update you'll be able to set which block should appear as the gravestone!

      Thank you kindly for your review.
  2. starnos
    Version: 0.5.2
    A really great plugin. We're looking forward to using it on halloween. Keep up the good work you did very well
    1. lmorgh
      Author's Response
      We're working on it daily, hoping to have it really polished for the upcoming Halloween. The next update is already in progress, and it'll bring new features as well as a config, so you'll be able to customize them to your liking.
      Thank you for your review! :)