SpotVIP 5.0

Easily manage your VIPs

  1. Lendariof
    » Unlike other VIP plugins, the SpotVIP behind a prop more, it lets you automatically give the player permission to enter an area of WorldGuard, lets you give him items delighted, and if you want the player to win something that other plugins do not allow just go and put your configuration desired, simple command, right?

    » This plugin was designed by SpotBR and continues for me (Lendariof).

    » All permissions in Notepad

    » /keyvip <group> <key> - Activate a key
    » /genkeys <group> - Generate multiple keys
    » /groupvip <create, remove, list> - Manage groups
    » /validity <player> - See the days of a vip player
    » /removevip <player> - Cancel a vip player
    » /keylist <group> - See the list of keys
    » /spotvip - To see all commands.

    » WorldEdit (
    » WorldGuard (

    » Plugin send.

    If you find errors, please contact me.
    If the plugin aren't working, try java 7

Recent Reviews

  1. Lamplight
    Version: 5.0
    Plz add mysql!