SQL-WhiteList 1.0

A plugin to enable SQL based whitelist creation and management.

  1. IhToN
    Fixed add/remove to change status on the database

    SQL Whitelist

    SQL Whitelisting is a simple plugin meant to target communities that use a multi-server configuration. I myself own one and have found it to be an un-needed waste of time to modify each servers whitelist each time a new player/staff member needs to be allowed on. So I took a bit of time and created this. SQL Whitelisting allows you to sync and modify a whitelist using any number of servers simultaneously. Completely from in game you can add and remove players from the whitelist, check if a player is on the whitelist, generate a list of all players added to the whitelist and enable or disable whitelisting.

    Upload SQLWhitelist.jar to your plugins directory.
    2. Upload ‘lib’ folder to your plugins directory
    3. Start your server
    4. Navigate to the plugins/SQLWhitelist directory
    5. Open config.yml
    6. Fill in your MySQL server login information
    7. Set ‘Enabled’ to ‘true’ in the configuration file
    8. Start your server
    9. Connect

    After following the above instructions you will only be able to connect if you have your username listed as an OP. Once you are logged in add yourself to the whitelist by typing
    /whitelist add {YOUR_USERNAME}
    Then feel free to proceed as you like in your normal activities!

    /whitelist add {NAME}
    - Adds a user to the whitelist
    /whitelist remove {NAME} - Removes a user from the whitelist
    /whitelist check {NAME} - Checks if a specific name is on the whitelist
    /whitelist listall - Generates a list of all whitelisted users and uploads it into a copy-able list on PasteBin
    /whitelist enable - Enables the whitelist
    /whitelist disable - Disables the whitelist

    - A MySQL server & database
    - A Minecraft Server
    - Java 1.7 SE+