SquidAV 0.21

A plugin which detects unauthorized possession of OP. Immediately bans unverified players.

  1. Noket
    This plugin is simple, yet powerful.

    All operators who have not been verified by the server terminal will be nearly immediately banned.

    A command "verify [player]" which will verify players by their UUID, allowing them to possess operator. The command can only be run by the server terminal. Players cannot run the command from ingame. Verified players will not be hindered by the plugin. Unverified players will be very nearly immediately banned.

    The plugin features:
    • An unpredictable scanning algorithm which finds and bans unauthorized operators.
    • Isolation. It is impossible for players to interact with the plugin from ingame.
    • Lightweight, yet far reaching detection of unauthorized operators.
    Please note that this plugin is intended to be a backup to your current security systems. Should your systems fail, this plugin will aggressively remove any players that have circumvented your security systems.

    This plugin was developed against Spigot 1.8.8, with basic plugins present such as WorldGuard and Multiverse.

Recent Reviews

  1. Taylor-PH
    Version: 0.21
    Extremely unique prevention plugin that would help massively in a case where there was yet again another Force OP exploit. Or someone opping someone they shouldn't have.

    In my opinion every server/network should have this plugin, especially larger networks just in case an exploit was found and used against your network.