SS Dynamic Shop [1.13 ~ 1.14.4] 2.10.6

Server Shop, Supply & Demand, Dynamic pricing. Easy to setup and use.

  1. eftc91c
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    Source Code:
    Languages Supported:
    English, Korean, Chinese(by Sakura_Ice)
    [ Development Paused ]
    This plugin requires Vault and Economy plugin
    *If you are using GemsEconomy, open /GemsEconomy/Config.yml and set vault: true.






    Dynamic pricing (Median * Value / Stock = Price)
    ◈ Create your own UI
    ◈ Multiple shops, multiple pages
    ◈ Quick sell
    ◈ Item Palette, Search function (you can also select your own item)

    ◈ Item setting auto complete
    ◈ Sign Interaction
    ◈ Enchant, Potion, Egg, Damaged item, Custom item support
    (NBT tag is not supported)

    ◈ Edit all the items at once
    ◈ Command tab completion with In-game help message
    Jobs reborn point support
    ◈ [Beta] Import data from other plugin
    ◈ Message, sound is editable

    ◈ Optional features

    - Static pricing
    - Permissions per shop
    - Tax per shop
    - Flags for shop
    - Delivery charge
    - Shop hours (Admin players are not affected)
    - Random stock fluctuations
    - Stock stabilizing
    - Infinite stock
    - Minimum/Maximum price
    - Sell only, Buy only
    - Limit shop account. Manage, Transfer shop account.
    - Transaction log
    - Hide stock

    - English
    - 한국어
    - 中文 [ by Sakura_Ice ]

    *Language is editable in Lang.yml
    *config.yml파일에서 Language를 ko-KR로 바꾸세요.

    Pre-made Template______
    For 1.14 Startpage.yml Shop.yml
    For 1.13 Startpage.yml Shop.yml


    Last update: 2019-08-10(yyyy-mm-dd)
    Price = Median * Value / Stock
    This plugin is inspired by 'Hyperconomy'.
    Set median to -1 = Static pricing
    Set stock to -1 = Static pricing + Infinite stock

    Dynamic pricing with Infinite stock is impossible.
    Stock must always be at least 1. Nobody can buy the last one.
    Stock stabilizing: The stock gradually returns to its default value as time passes.
    Stock fluctuations: The stock changes randomly.

    You can set interval and amount.
    Interval is in-game hour. (Minecraft 1 hour = 50 seconds)
    Amount is percentage of median.

    Example: stock stabilizing, 1 hour, 5%
    06:00 - stock 92, median 100
    07:00 - stock 97
    08:00 - stock 100
    09:00 - stock 100

    Example : stock fluctuations, 1 hour, 5%(max)
    06:00 - stock 120, median 100
    07:00 - stock 115 ~ 125
    Currently supported plugins: 'Shop'

    1. Open plugins/Shop/data/pages folder
    2. Copy all yml files
    3. Paste at plugins/DynamicShop/Convert/Shop
    4. Run command : /ds convert Shop

    Limitation: item meta will be lost.
    - This shop is only accessible from the sign.
    - Player must visit the actual location of the shop.
    - This flag requires a position value to work.
    - Pay delivery charge, Buy items from a distance.
    - This flag is subflag of localshop.
    - Delivery charge is increase with distance.
    - Buy/Sell items with Job points.
    - Require Jobs reborn.
    - 1st line : [ds] or [dshop] or [dynamicshop]
    - 2nd line : shop name
    - 3rd line : (Optional) item name
    - 4th line : (Optional) 1st line will be replaced by this.

    - 1st line : (empty)
    - 2nd line : shop name
    - 3rd line : (Optional)item name
    - 4th line : (empty)
    - Right click on sign.

    - Sign must be placed on wall.
    - Shop name is case sensitive.

    - Item name is case insensitive. Item name list (1.14)
    This is advanced feature.
    Modifying directly from the yml file is not recommended.
    Delete, rename or merge shop will break link.

    ShopA Balance: 10
    ShopB Balance: -1

    /ds shop ShopB account linkto ShopA

    ShopA Balance: 10
    ShopB Balance: ShopA
    ShopA and ShopB will share same account.

    ShopA Balance: 10
    ShopB Balance: ShopA
    ShopC Balance: ShopA

    Not Allowed:
    ShopA Balance: 10
    ShopB Balance: ShopA
    ShopC Balance: ShopB
    Edit your bukkit 'command.yml' file something like this.
    Code (YAML):
    # This is the commands configuration file for Bukkit.
    # For documentation on how to make use of this file, check out the Bukkit Wiki at
    # If you need help on this file, feel free to join us on irc or leave a message
    # on the forums asking for advice.
    # IRC: #spigot @
    # (If this means nothing to you, just go to )
    # Forums:
    # Bug tracker:

    : []
    : false
    - version $1-
    - Dynamicshop:shop
    Aliases have the highest priority, so It should be helpful.

    /ds or /dynamicshop

    For User
    /shop [<shop name>]
    /ds shop [<shop name>]
    /ds qsell
    /ds cmdHelp <on|off>
    *per user basis.

    For Admin
    - ds shop <shop name> add <item> <value> <median> <stock>
    *Or ~add <item> <value> <min value> <max value> <median> <stock>
    - ds shop <shop name> addhand <value> <median> <stock>
    - ds shop <shop name> edit <item> <value> <median> <stock>
    - ds shop <shop name> editall <stock|median|value|valueMin|valueMax> <=|+|-|*|/> <amount>
    - ds shop <shop name> sellbuy <sellonly|buyonly|clear>
    - ds shop <shop name> maxpage <number>
    - ds shop <shop name> permission [<true|false|custom>]

    *Default value is 'false', which means that shop is open for everyone.
    - ds shop <shop name> flag <flag> <set|unset>
    - ds shop <shop name> position <pos1|pos2|clear>
    - ds shop <shop name> shophours <open> <close>

    *open = close -> open 24 hours (default)
    - ds shop <shop name> fluctuation <interval> <strength>
    - ds shop <shop name> stockstabilizing <interval> <strength>
    - ds shop <shop name> hidestock <true|false>
    - ds shop <shop name> hidePricingType <true|false>
    - ds shop <shop name> account <set|linkto|transfer>
    *value -1 = Infinite
    - ds shop <shop name> log <enable|disable|clear>
    - ds createshop <shop name> [<permission>]

    *space and '/' not allowed in shop name
    - ds deleteshop <shop name>
    - ds mergeshop <shop1> <shop2>
    - ds renameshop <shop name> <new name>
    - ds setdefaultshop <shop name>
    - ds settax <value>
    - ds deleteOldUser <day>
    - ds convert <plugin name>
    - ds reload

    Add 'dshop.admin.*' for admin.
    For User (Optional)
    - name)
    - name).buy
    - name).sell
    - (whatever you want)
    *If you want to use these, you should set shop's permission first.
    */ds shop <shop name> permission true. or use gui menu.

    For Admin
    - dshop.admin.shopedit
    - dshop.admin.createshop
    - dshop.admin.deleteshop
    - dshop.admin.mergeshop
    - dshop.admin.renameshop
    - dshop.admin.createsign
    - dshop.admin.destroysign
    - dshop.admin.remoteaccess
    - dshop.admin.creative
    - dshop.admin.setdefaultshop
    - dshop.admin.settax
    - dshop.admin.deleteOldUser
    - dshop.admin.convert
    - dshop.admin.reload

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