SS Dynamic Shop [1.13.2] ◆ Dynamic pricing, Quick sell, Shop hours, Flags 2.4.4

GUI admin shop with unique features.

  1. eftc91c
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    Languages Supported:
    English, Korean, Chinese(by Sakura_Ice)

    Please let me know if plugin doesn't work for you.
    Your feedback is valuable.


    [New] Pre-made Template
    Startpage.yml :
    Shop.yml :


    - Create your own UI
    displayName: §3§lExample Button
    lore: §fThis is Example Button/§aClick empty slot to create new button
    icon: SUNFLOWER
    action: Dynamicshop Testfunction/Dynamicshop Testfunction
    displayName: §3Main
    lore: §fGo to shop
    icon: EMERALD
    action: ds shop Main
    Title: §3§lStart Page
    UiSlotCount: 9
    - Dynamic pricing (Median * Value / Stock = Price)
    - Multiple shops with per-shop permission
    - Quick sell
    (Sell items at the highest possible price.)
    - Flags for shop
    Currently available:
    - This shop is only accessible from the sign.
    - Player must visit the actual location of the shop.
    - This flag requires a position value to work.
    - Pay delivery charge, Buy items from a distance.
    - This flag is subflag of localshop.
    - Delivery charge is increase with distance.

    - Shop hours (It does not affect admin)
    - (Optional) Random stock fluctuations
    - (Optional) Infinite stock, Static pricing, Minimum/Maximum price, Sell only, Buy only
    - Item Palette
    (you can also click your own item as reference when palette is open)
    - Search items in palette
    - Sign Interaction

    1st line : [ds] or [dshop] or [DynamicShop]
    2nd line : shop name <- case sensitive!
    3rd line : item name [optional]

    If 3rd line is empty, it will open shop ui.
    else, it will open trade view ui.

    - Enchant, Potion support
    - Edit all the items at once
    - Command tab completion & In-game help

    - English
    - Korean 한국어
    - Chinese 中文 [ by Sakura_Ice ]

    *Language is editable in Lang.yml

    - This plugin requires Vault and Economy plugin.
    *I recommend you use Aconomy or SaneEconomy. (GemsEconomy is not working with my plugin.)
    - Drop the plugin JAR file into the plugin folder.

    For User
    *open 'Start page' UI. It's fully customizable.
    *check 'Startpage.yml' for more info.

    /shop [<shop name>]
    /ds shop [<shop name>]

    *It will open default shop with no argument. check config files.
    *You can disable this command if you want.

    /ds qsell
    *Quick sell

    /ds cmdHelp <on|off>
    *per user basis.

    For Admin
    - ds shop <shop name> add <item> <value> <median> <stock>
    *Or ~add <item> <value> <min value> <max value> <median> <stock>
    - ds shop <shop name> addhand <value> <median> <stock>
    - ds shop <shop name> edit <item> <value> <median> <stock>
    - ds shop <shop name>
    editall <stock|median|value> <=|+|-|*|/> <amount>

    - ds shop <shop name>
    maxpage <number>
    - ds shop <shop name>
    permission [<true|false|custom>]
    *Default value is 'false', which means that shop is open for everyone.
    - ds shop <shop name> flag <flag> <set|unset>
    - ds shop <shop name>
    position <pos1|pos2|clear>
    - ds shop <shop name>
    shophours <open> <close>
    *open = close -> open 24 hours (default)
    - ds shop <shop name> fluctuation <interval> <strength>

    - ds createshop <shop name> [<permission>]
    *space and '/' not allowed in shop name
    - ds deleteshop <shop name>
    - ds
    mergeshop <shop1> <shop2>
    - ds
    renameshop <shop name> <new name>

    - ds setdefaultshop <shop name>
    - ds
    settax <value>

    - ds reload

    Just add dshop.admin.* and you're good to go.

    For User (Optional)
    - name)
    - name).buy
    - name).sell
    - (whatever you want)
    *If you want to use these, you should set shop permission first.
    */ds shop <shop name> permission true. or use gui menu.

    For Admin
    - dshop.admin.shopedit
    - dshop.admin.createshop
    - dshop.admin.deleteshop
    - dshop.admin.mergeshop
    - dshop.admin.renameshop

    - dshop.admin.createsign
    - dshop.admin.destroysign
    - dshop.admin.remoteaccess
    - dshop.admin.setdefaultshop
    - dshop.admin.settax
    - dshop.admin.reload


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  1. Liato
    Version: 2.2.2
    Its just Perfect for All Uses No Errors Crashes or anything like that And it doesent use Much Ram and Processor usage sooo. Just a Must Have :3
    1. eftc91c
      Author's Response
      I’m happy to hear that. :)
      Thank you for your review.
  2. crispyklown81
    Version: 2.2.2
    This a fantstic shop plugin, my players are excited for me to add this to the server once i get the shops set up. Keep up the awesome work!
    1. eftc91c
      Author's Response
      Thank you for your review! :)
  3. DaDMaR777
    Version: 2.0.0
    7-3-4-2-2-1-1 UPDATES since adding to SPIGOT !!
    please don't loose that
    love this plugin
    1. eftc91c
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      Thank you :)
      I hope new features are working well.
  4. Blastexx
    Version: 1.71
    The plugin is improving from day to day and the creator and open to any proposals for the improvement of the plugin :) Big potential. I suggest it to you !
  5. Blastexx
    Version: 1.4
    good plugin but is it possible to create several different shop? a food shop and an ore shop for example? Sry i'm french :)
    1. eftc91c
      Author's Response
      Nice idea. I will try that.