SSGMedia SSGMedia5.0

Media Pugin! /discord /teamspeak /youtube etc.

  1. jerskisnow
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    This is just a plugin to get some more information for
    players about your social media for example!
    You can also enable custom join, leave and death messages and edit these in de config!
    You can find the Permissions and the Commands HERE
    You can edit the anwser messages in the config.yml!
    You can turn almost anything on or off in the config!

    1. Players can get information about you're server! So /discord for example!
    2. You can edit the message of /discord, /youtube and /teamspeak in the config and you can reload the config with /SSGReload
    3. When a players joined the server for the first time, some firework will spawn above him!
    4. You can change almost anything in the config.yml file!
    6. You can edit the CustomJoin/Quit messages in de config!
    7. You can enable/disable FirstJoinFirework in the config!
    8. You can enable/disable and change the deathmessage in the config!
    9. You can also edit the NoPermissions message in the config!
    10. Customized help that you can customize in the config.
    11. Customized stafflist that you can customize in the config.
    12. /question command! People with the receive permissions will
    receive the question of a player.
    13. /alert (You can change the prefix of this broadcast in the config)!
    14. A custom chat format which you can turn on in the config!
    15. The plugin will open a GUI if you use the /media command! You can disable the GUI in the config but there will be a message instead of a GUI!

    To do list (Do you have an idea? Just contact me!):
    - Scoreboard
    - CustomTab
    - More Variables
    - Cooldown for /question
    - Bungeecord Support

    Do you want your server on this list? Review This Plugin!

    Have you found a bugg? Then contact me quickly!

    We have also a Discord Server:
    You are not allow to block the command /media or /ssgmedia,
    DONT claim this plugin by yourself! and the last one HAVE FUN!
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Recent Reviews

  1. DERKY
    Version: SSGMedia4.0
    I´m verry happy with this plugin! Some people want to join discord en they say What is the discord I say /discord :)
    1. jerskisnow
  2. Kastanjeboom
    Version: SSGMedia4.0
    Ja nou ja wat moet ik zeggen ik vind m wel heel erg mooi ja maar ja ja dat vind ik eigenlijk wel ookal kan je commands.yml en essentials customtext.txt gebruiken vind ik dit toch wel heel mooi
  3. Koentjeeehh
    Version: SSGMedia2.1
    I used this for my server and it is so great, if people asking ''Whats ts/discord'' Just only need to type /ts, alot of other servers need to use this! Great Excellent, keep up and make this plugin better :)
    1. jerskisnow
      Author's Response
      Thnx for your review :)