sStats 1.2

shows player stats from server

  1. (user wish) change language

    - the name of GUI changed from "Your statistic" to "Stats".
    - now you can change your language with "language.yml".
    - you can turn off the permissions query in "config.yml".
    - you can change the title and lore colors.

    - GUI Titel wurde von "Your statistic" in "Stats" geƤndert.
    - Die Sprache kann nun in der "language.yml" geƤndert werden.
    - Man kann die Permission Abfrage in der "config.yml" abstellen.
    - In der "config.yml" kann man nun die Titel...
  2. GUI is cleaner ;)

    - message stats are removed
    - a GUI will now open and you can see your stats there

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