Stacker 2.8

Stack your potions!

  1. GhostHacks96
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    Ever wish you could change the number of potion everyone could have in a single inventory slot?
    Wish you could choose how many potions players could stack?

    With Stacker you can!

    Its simple to use and easy to set up!

    Depends on GHCore
    You can get GHCore from HERE

    1. Upload my GHCore jar and the Stacker jar to your plugins folder.
    2. Restart the Server.
    3. Edit the config of Stacker (e.g. below)
    4. Run the Stacker Reload Command and your done!
    • Stack - Base command
    • Stack update - Checks for updates.
    • Stack reload - Reloads the Prefix and the Stack Limit (requires admin permissions)

      • stack.use - Gives access to use the plugin
      • stack.drink - Gives access to stack regular Potions
      • stack.splash - Gives access to stack Splash Potions
      • stack.admin - Gives access to the admin commands

    Config Example
    Code (Text):
    #supports color codes using &[/SIZE][/SIZE]
    [SIZE=5][SIZE=6]#be sure your prefix still has the ' at the beginning and the end!!!
    prefix: '&3[Stacker]&1'

    #Set the amount of potions/Splash potions you want to allow the players to stack
    Stack-Limit: 32

Recent Updates

  1. Auto Update - Update Checking