StackMob - Enhance your servers performance without the sacrifice 5.4.1

Enhance your server performance by 'stacking' or 'merging' entities, without breaking grinders.

  1. stacking logic fixes

    • Make sure that when merging two stacks with a combined size larger than the maximum size, the largest stack becomes full.
    • Fix stack threshold removing stacks with a size bigger than one. (#165)
    • Add spawn reason blacklist for death amount types.
    • Add spigot javadoc references to config
  2. Handle picked up items, limits for events, fix bugs

    • Add limit for breed, dye and shear events when configured to use MULTIPLY ListenerMode
    • Add methods of handling picked up items by mobs (#134)
    • Add null check for damage cause (fixes #156)
    • Fix error when damage amount is extremely high, fixes parrot cookie bug.
    • Add spawn delay on mob death...
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  3. Update for 1.16.4

    • Supports 1.16.4 as native server version (thanks @Aurelien30000)
    • Add method to StackDeathEvent to change the death step.
    • Add null check for damage cause (fixes #153)
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  4. Fixes

    • Make sure to remove the stack data of single mobs when tamed. Fixes tamed mobs and untamed mobs merging.
    • Fix error when shearing a sheep with shears in offhand (#143)
    • Add StackSpawnEvent
    • Allow minimum kill-step and maximum kill-step to be the same.
    • Spawn experience orb if death event is cancelled. (#150)
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  5. Use paper events on paper servers.

    This update makes sure that the paper entity events are used on paper servers.

    I also suggest making sure you have updated to the latest paper versions as there was a recent change fixing the events.
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  6. Quick fix

    Fixes '/sm remove' command and added back event listener which may help things.
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  7. Fix memory leak.

    Fixes memory leak, hopefully performance issues should be fixed now.
  8. More fixes

    • Fix '/sm forcestack'
    • Fix more NPEs
    • Improve performance, drastically in some circumstances.
  9. Add a bunch of missing null checks

    Add a bunch of missing null checks, should fix NPEs.
  10. Better performance and option to disable death animation

    • Update for 1.16.2
    • Added option to disable the death animation of entities (only works on Paper)
    • Performance should be greatly improved as the NBT of mobs will be accessed less often.
    • Fix display-name NEARBY visibility option when more than one player is in range of an entity.
    • Add statistics subcommand