StackMob - Enhance your servers performance without the sacrifice 5.1.2

Enhance your server performance by 'stacking' or 'merging' entities, without breaking grinders.

  1. another bug fix update

    • Fix mob experience drops not being multiplied correctly. (#80)
    • Fix entity "no-targeting" option. (#55)
    • Fix spawner spawned stacks giving mcMMO experience
    • Add Jobs Reborn hook to prevent payments from stacked mobs.
    • Prevent named and tamed mobs from being stacked when the '/sm forcestack' subcommand is used.
  2. Bug fix. Who would've thought?

    • Temporary fix for IllegalArgumentException on mob death for MythicMobs users. (#26) If you experience this error without MythicMobs and can provide detailed reproduction steps it would be very helpful!
    • Fix NullPointerException caused by MythicMobs VanillaMobs when display name is updated (#72)
    • Fix for too many slimes being spawned when not using...
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  3. Lots of fixes.

    Sorry for the lack of updates. I had been busy with school preparing for my exams in May/June. Except they have now been cancelled. So it looks like I'm going to have a lot more free time to work on things.

    There also more fixes by kyle1elyk and Aurelien30000 that I may not have listed. Thanks for your contributions!
    • Add breeding experience multiplication.
    • Add zombie baby trait (#22)
    • Add...
  4. More fixes

    This update fixes the big issue of stacking not always working. This was a really simple mistake that I managed to overlook...
    • Stacker doesn't work (#12)
    • Prevent Armour Stands from stacking (#15)
    • Fix IllegalArgumentException when statistics are increased....
  5. bugs

    This release addresses various reported issues:
    • Fix IllegalArgumentException when feeding an entity a single food item (#13)
    • Fix IIlegalArguementException when the MergeTask is ran.
    • Fix NullPointerException when the drop blacklists are used (#11)
    • Change stacking tool material to a bone to avoid interference with other plugins...
  6. It's been six months since the last update...

    Well, it's finally here I guess. Some has been changed (since the plugin has been completely rewritten, once again) so I will detail this below.
    • Stack data is now stored using NBT rather than YAML files or a database. This means performance and ram usage is much improved.
    • New year, new config. You will have to reconfigure everything. Except this time like 90% of the config can be customised for each entity type, so hopefully it pays of.
    • Stack entity names are now updated...
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  7. Fixes the config issue for good.

    • java.nio.file.NoSuchFileException on new install (#249)
    • Plugin updater not working.
  8. [4.0.1]

    • NoSuchMethodError (#236) - This fix also means that the commons-io library is now removed.
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  9. [%version%]

    Thanks to @Stealth2800, @Justin42 and @jdkeke142 for the contribution(s)!
    Paper is now required due to missing spigot api features.
    • 1.14 support.
    • '/sm removetype (filter)' command - remove entities that only apply to the filter given.
    • MySQL performance improvements(see #231, there's loads)
    • The commons-io library is now...
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  10. another one

    • Duplicate entry errors with mysql storage (#208)
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