StackSize 1.3

Modify the maximum stack sizes of materials.

  1. ACE_P1XEL
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.14
    Modify the maximum stack sizes of materials.

    Tested for Spigot 1.14.4.

    • To view an item's material name and its current maximum stack size hold it in your hand and execute the command stacksize inspect.
    • Execute stacksize view <material> to view the current maximum stack size of any material.
    • To modify a material's maximum stack size, execute stacksize modify <material> <stacksize>. It is not recommended to set a stack size outside of the range from 1 to 64.
    • The modified stack size is also added to the configuration, config.yml in the plugin's directory, so that the modified stack sizes will remain the next time the server is started. You can edit the configuration manually, but changes to the configuration will not have any effect until the plugin is reloaded.

    Description Permission
    stacksize inspect View material and maximum stack size of the held item. stacksize.view
    stacksize view <material> View maximum stack size of a particular material. stacksize.view
    stacksize modify <material> <stacksize> Set the maximum stack size of a particular material. stacksize.modify

    Description Default Children
    stacksize All Stacksize permissions. Operator stacksize.view, stacksize.modify
    stacksize.view Permission to use the stacksize view and stacksize inspect commands. All
    stacksize.modify Permission to use stacksize modify command. Operator stacksize.view
    Place the Stacksize jar file in the Spigot server's plugins directory.

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    Version: 1.3
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