Staff Chat+ 1.1

Simple staff chat plugin, all messages configurable!

  1. xAl3xTh3K1nG
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    A light-weight, simple to use staff chat plugin, all messages within the plugin is customizable, from prefix, enable/disable messages to the format of the chat!
    Also saves the people currently having the staff chat toggled, so incase of restart, reload etc, it will put you back into the chat!

    sc.use: Allows you to use the staff chat using (/sc), note: does not allow you to see the messages. Allows you to see help using /sc <anything else> (requires: sc.use).

    sc.reload: Allows you to reload the plugin using /sc reload (requires: sc.use,

    sc.receive: Allows you to receive staff chat messages.


    /sc - Toggle typing in staff chat.
    /sc <Anything else> - Shows help.
    /sc reload - Reload the config.


    Drag and drop the .jar file into your plugins folder, restart the server!

    Help! Plugin isn't working:

    Please send me a private message, instead of making a bad review, as I would love to help you!