Staff++ Discord Integration 1.16.58

Staff++ Discord Integration plugin

  1. GeniusH123
    Version: 1.16.54
    Nice and very Patient Developer. Love the plugin, Clean Config. Well, detailed explanation available in the Wiki. 10/10. Very clean and User-Friendly :D
  2. Coconut_Gamer
    Version: 1.16.52
    This plugin is too good
    .its user friendly
    .easy to config
    .many ways to customize
    .support is also good

    There are more good things to tell but it would be a long list I would end it here
  3. laikrai
    Version: 1.16.52
    Very nice plug-in, I would like if this can be inside staff plugin so that I don’t need to have 2 plugins.
    1. Garagepoort
      Author's Response
      Hey Laikrai
      Thank you for the good review.

      I don't really want to add this functionality inside the core plugin.
      The core plugin is already quite big and I would like to keep this functionality separately.
  4. killmaster2007
    Version: 1.16.52
    Funciona muy bien y se pueden configurar todos los mensajes a tu gusto. Lo recomiendo.