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Broadcast a message when an staff member join the server !

  1. HardKill24
    Hello everyone,
    Today, I upload my fifth Skript:

    When a player is OP and when he join the server, a message was broadcasted !

    Join: &7[&2&l+&7] &6&lStaff &7[&9&l%player%&7]
    • Leave &7[&4&l-&7] &6&lStaff &7[&9&l%player%&7]


    • staff.join | - Broadcast a message when you join the server
    • staff.leave | - Broadcast a message when you leave the server

    Put they 2 files into /plugins/Skript/scripts

    In the chat:
    Type: /sk reload all

    For test just re-log on your server

    Test Server:
    [Premium | 1.8.8]

    Post your problems and your ideas into the discussion

    If you have an idea for a Skript add me on Skype: hardkill24

    I hope you'll enjoy my ressource !

    ^.^ *I'm French* ^.^

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Recent Reviews

  1. SpasoMC
    Version: 2015-10-15
    Better add a permission for it.
    I have some staff which i dont wanna give them OP, but they have like ban cmds and that stuff.
    1. HardKill24
      Author's Response
      I will add some perms ;)