Staff Manager 1.0.1

Add a staff list and essential commands for staff

  1. jslightham
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    • 1.15
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    Staff Manager
    About Staff Manager
    Staff Manager is a utility plugin, adding key features for server administrators. Players can also view the list of staff members, and request help from staff.​

    What can it do?
    • Staff List
    • Easy Time Control
    • Fly Command
    • Heal Command
    • View Player's Inventories
    • Message Other Players
    • Enable/Disable Chat
    • Mute Staff Join/Leave Events
    [required] <optional>
    /addstaff [user] - Add a user to the staff list, Permission: staffmanager.addstaff
    /day - Change the time to day, Permission:

    /fly - Toggle flying, Permission:
    /heal <username> - Heal the player, Permission: staffmanager.heal
    /invsee [player] - View the inventory of the specified player, Permission: staffmanager.invsee
    /msg [player] - Message the selected player, Permission: staffmanager.msg
    /night - Set the time to night, Permission: staffmanager.night
    /removestaff [username] - Remove the specified player from the staff list, Permission: staffmanager.remstaff
    /staff - View the staff list
    /togglechat - Toggle the chat, Permission: staffmanager.togglechat

    #Message Sent to Console When Command Cannot Be Run By Console
    errorMessage: '&3&bStaffManager &7&l> &4You are unable to execute this command!'

    #Message Sent to Player When Missing Permissions
    permissionMessage: '&3&bStaffManager &7&l> &4You do not have permission to run this command!'

    #Message Sent When Command is Missing Arguments
    missingArguments: '&3&bStaffManager &7&l> &4Command Missing Arguments!'

    #Message Sent When No Staff Are Added
    noStaff: '&3&bStaffManager &7&l> &4No Staff Members Added Yet!'

    #Message Sent When No Staff Are Added
    staffAdded: '&3&bStaffManager &7&l> &aStaff Member Added!'

    #Message Sent When No Staff Are Removed
    staffRemoved: '&3&bStaffManager &7&l> &aStaff Member Removed!'

    #Message Sent When No Staff Are Removed
    toggleChat: '&3&bStaffManager &7&l> &aChat Toggled!'

    #Prefix for staff chat
    prefix: '&3&bStaffChat &7&l> '

    #Prefix for staff list
    prefixs: '&3&bStaff &7&l> '

    #Prefix for help chat
    prefixh: '&3&bHelp &7&l> '

    #Message Sent When Chat is Locked
    chatLocked: '&3&bStaffManager &7&l> &4Chat is locked!'

    #Prefix for broadcast command
    broadcastPrefix: '&c[Broadcast] &f'

    onSet: '&3&bStaffManager &7&l> &aSet time to day!'

    onSet: '&3&bStaffManager &7&l> &aSet time to Night!'

    onEnable: '&3&bStaffManager &7&l> &aFlying Enabled!'
    onDisable: '&3&bStaffManager &7&l> &aFlying Disabled!'

    setHealth: '&3&bStaffManager &7&l> &aHealed Player'

    staffMembers: ''

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