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    == Introduction ==
    This is a simple plugin that shows your players the staff on your server!

    In the config file you can change the text and colours that players see when they type /staff,
    or you can put down a sign headed [staff], and the header will automatically change to [Staff].

    Click this sign to see the server's staff!
    If you right click this sign, and have the permission staff.staffs, you will see the a message that shows you all of the staff from the server.

    |/staff|Shows you the staff of the server, and on which server you are playing|staffs.staff|
    |/staff help|Shows you the commands and some info about the plugin|staffs.staff|
    |/staff reload|Reloads the Staff-Members configuration|staffs.admin|

    For the commands permissions, see the Commands header above.

    If you want to be able to put down a [staff] sign, you need to have the permission **staffs.admin**.\\
    If you want to right click the [Staff] sign, and get the message, you require the permission **staffs.staff**.

    === Installation ===
    Installing the plugin is easy:
    * Download the jar file
    * Save the jar file in your plugin directory
    * Restart/reload your server, and it will automatically create a configuration file.
    * Edit the config file, adding staff names and ranks, like:
    //Owner: bram3535 - Admin: Notch - Moderator: Jeb_ enz//
    * Use /staff reload, and check out the command /staff!

    === Planned features ===
    * Any suggestions? Leave a comment below.

    ===Plugin Staff===


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Recent Reviews

  1. bram3535
    Version: 3.1
    Nice plugin, it works great, and espacially the sign with [Staff] is great!