Staff Modes 2.5

Modes for your staff.

  1. theQwerty101
    Staff Modes:

    Ever wanted to just be able to do a quick simple command to get into a "Staff Mode", so you don't have to type all those commands? Well look no further! Staff Modes includes Staff Modes for, Mods, Admins, and a special "Troll" mode, for all the owners out there, :).

    Mode.Mod: Allows you to /Mod.

    Mode.Admin: Allows you to /Admin

    Mode.Troll: Allows you to /Troll and get Vanish, and Gamemode.

    /Mod: Gives you Vanish, Fly, and such.

    /Admin: Gives you GameMode and such.

    /Troll: Gives you GameMode, Vanish and such.

Recent Reviews

  1. AnnAlone
    Version: 2.5
    I installed it into my server but It never loaded.I give 3 stars because at least you tried.Good luck :D