Staff Requisites 1.2

Implementation of staff tools with high customization.

  1. TechStudios36
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Staff Requisites

    Staff Requisites is a plugin focused on providing tools to your staff team with integrated customization, without overdoing anything to provide for other possible plugins you may have.

    More content is coming soon.

    > Want more features? A module plugin was requested by the community to integrate more features, such as commands for quick gamemode switches, day and night shortcuts, feed & heal, etc. This was not integrated into Staff Requisites as my vision is to provide staff utilities to really help staff and staff teams, and to provide that there are other plugins with commands that may be overriden by ours, which may not be good. But if you would like a module with those features, click here. Because it's a Staff Requisites addon/module, it does not have it's own Resource page.

    • Toggleable staff & admin chats in-game
    • Alert system
      • Color supported, prefix is changeable
    • Inventory see
    • Spectator command for your moderators
      • Recovers your last gamemode so moderators can't exit to a blacklisted mode
    • Simple flight command to give off to staff or your community
    • Soft kick players
      • Supports ChatColors, used for needing to kick players without giving players an infraction with punishment systems
    • High customization:
      • Change every single message
      • Change the permission node to your liking
        • Example: If you set the permission node in the config to server, all systems using permission nodes will be server.command
    Developed for 1.16.1. Will do older versions if requested.

    • Unzip the compressed file.
    • Move the .JAR and Folder to your plugins folder.
    • Start the server.
    Commands & Permissions
    • Staff chat
      • /staffchat
      • Perm: yournode.staffchat
    • Admin chat
      • /adminchat
      • Perm: yournode.adminchat
    • Flight
      • /fly
      • Perm: yournode.flight
    • Spec mode
      • /spec
      • Perm: yournode.spec
    • Alert system
      • /shout
      • Perm: yournode.shout
    • Inventory spy
      • /invspy
      • Perm: yournode.invspy
    • Soft kick
      • /softkick <player> <reason>
      • Perm: yournode.softkick
    • Reload configuration
      • /staffreload
      • Perm: Requires op status
    Planned features
    • Admin/staff vanish
      • Completely vanish from in-game and tab.
      • Others with the same perm node can see you
      • Optional boolean to auto join in vanish
      • Leaving on vanish disables your quit message
        • Thus, leaving then without vanish shows your message
      • Fake join & quit commands

Recent Updates

  1. Softkick
  2. Added alert & inventory see

Recent Reviews

  1. Anixgameplays
    Version: 1.2
    Best plugin I loved it, its perfect, dont need hard config, and really efficent, easy setup, and its highly configurable, this is a great plugin!!!
    1. TechStudios36
      Author's Response
      Thank you so much, I'm glad you liked it!
  2. Chibe.Meliodas
    Version: 1.2
    damn, i downloaded the plugin less than 10 minutes ago and i've come to update with new commands, very good !!! keep it up, let me mention an error that i noticed, when i give the / spec command, the name doesn’t disappear from the TAB, could you add that, or add a new command to remove the name from the tab, please?
    1. TechStudios36
      Author's Response
      Hey, thanks for the feedback! And yeah so the spec is supposed to show you in tab.

      If you'd like, I could totally make some form of staff/admin vanish system. :)
  3. Biotoxsin
    Version: 1.2
    A good plugin for server administration. 100% recommend I really like it. It's very useful!
    1. TechStudios36
      Author's Response
      Thanks dude, appreciate it!