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  1. Shortninja
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
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    Thanks for over 17,000 downloads after one year!

    Staff Mode:

    Compass: Launches towards current direction.
    Random teleport: Teleports to a random, non-staff player.
    Vanish: Completely vanishes or just vanishes from the tab list.
    GUI Hub: Opens a GUI with an assortment of teleportation and viewing options.
    Counter: Shows staff online or staff in staff mode.
    Freeze: Prevents a player from moving for inspection.
    CPS: Tests for a player's clicks per second.
    Examine: Shows the player's inventory contents as well as extra information about the player.
    Follow: Mounts or starts a teleportation task to follow the player.
    Custom: Allows for creating unlimited custom items with dynamic options.


    Reports: Lets players report others and gives staff members options to deal with reports.
    Warnings: Allows staff members to warn users and executes a command when the player reaches a certain amount of warnings.
    Tickets: Allows players to communicate with staff members privately through a ticket system.
    Chat: Lets staff members execute public chat actions such as clearing, toggling, and slowing.
    Blacklist: Allows blocking of specific words, links, and characters with multiple options to help prevent false positives.
    Staff chat: Gives staff members the option to privately communicate with other staff members in a separate chat channel.
    Alerts: Sends staff members notifications when specific actions occur such as name changing, mentioning, and block mining.
    Login: Staff members can login with a password in order to protect their account from being hijacked on your server.
    Revive: Give players back their inventory if they are unfairly killed!


    Permissions: All permissions can be changed in the config to prevent any conflictions with other plugins.
    Commands: Commands are also able to be changed or disabled in the config to prevent conflictions with other plugins.
    Language: Support for customizable language files in order to make messages easier for all users of any language.
    Version independence: Supports all versions from 1.7 to 1.11 (not including PaperSpigot)!

    English video | French video | Japanese video | Send me a private message if you make a video in a different language!

    Do you use Staff+ and want your server listed here? Shoot me a private message! (@Vaquxine) (@rgaminecraft) (@CraftingLegendz) (@BlackGunner) (@TheCAV) (@SaimonTheGreat) (@ACA30) (@WarCOD) (@Jiessel) (@iMzSpEdY44) (@Kaczmo) (@DevelopmentHigh) (@BeckhenPlayz) (@PixelPlayzzz) (@theerlin) (@StandbyGamer) (@YTBrady0606) (@SkyDrawn) (@BremiWorld) (@Kurt) (@freddie316) (@MrKymatica) (@Epakfillsyer) (@xbshen) (@TheWelshBoss) (@idkallie) (@Slaptheflaps) (@ElTioAlan) (@XDerpyGamerX) (@Gonzy) (@jojje141) (@Zendovo) (@AczinoPro)

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Recent Reviews

  1. artfcl_intlgnce
    Version: 3.2.2
    While many plugins havent tested in 1.12 but still allow plugin to run untested, StaffPlus blocks the plugin from even enabling if on 1.12. Please add support for 1.12
  2. Jimmy_FPE
    Version: 3.2.2
    Muy buen plugin! Perfecto para capturar a los Hackers sin que se den cuenta! y con el simple comando /Staff.

    Lo usare en mi servidor. Ip:
  3. josh13_
    Version: 3.2.2
    awesome! but it would be cool to add reload command like /staffplus reload or something
  4. ItzStealthYT
    Version: 3.2.2
    Amazing plugin, in my opinion the best staff plugin out there. RIP Shortninja <3
  5. AwokenToad
    Version: 3.2.2
    GOD plugin, works really well and has all the features i was looking for

  6. LegendDoubleB
    Version: 3.2.2
  7. KovalskiStrqfe
    Version: 3.2.2
    Shortninja has passed away. There wont be more updates for this plugin.

    RIP m8 <3
  8. KizburbOfficial
    Version: 3.2.2
    10/10 Plugin although for those who are unaware, the author committed suicide some time ago.
  9. Lorenzo9659
    Version: 3.2.2
    This Plugin Is the Best. Simple , Easy And Uselful. With This Plugin Banning Hackers Is Gonna Be More Easier
  10. Harvz
    Version: 3.2.2
    To everybody that is unaware I'm afraid the author of this plugin is no longer with us. Anyways Great Plugin.