Staff+ | The Ultimate Moderation Plugin | 1.7-1.13

A continuation of Shortninja's Staff+

  1. 1.13 Compat

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  2. Fix the last version

    Seems the config didn't update correctly with the last version sorry for not getting this fixed sooner been so busy with school
  3. Fix the tp command

    I changed the tp command to rtp since no one can read the discussion sections also now on world changes staffmode will disable for players as to not interfere with plugins like Per World Inventories
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  4. Bug fix

    I forgot to add the staffplus command permission to the config caused a big error it is fixed now.
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  5. New Things

    I've finally added new features to the plugin and here is the list
    • Added freeze logout commands that get executed by console when a player logs out while frozen
    • Added a command to randomly teleport a player was a request from the git
    • Added /staffplus reload it reloads both the config and lang file in use
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  6. Bug Fix V2

    This fixes the bug from the last version it was a stupid error on my end I forgot to initialize the hashmap. I recommend updating to this one right away. If you don't update I won't take bug reports.
  7. Lots of bug fixes

    This update will fix about 80% of the errors people were getting. Updating is recommended anyone that has reported an issue previously will now need to reconfirm it. Im sorry it took so long to put this out I wanted to test it.
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  8. Bug Patches

    Just patching a few errors for now I'm will be working on fixing the errors.
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  9. Major bug fix

    Alright, so I would first off like to give @electronicboy a big thanks for doing a shit ton of refractoring and making the project use maven by converting it into modules that helps out so much. Also this version hasnt fully been tested so please report all bugs. Now onto the changes:
    • Fixed /strip
    • Fixed the error when plugin disables this one goes to @electronicboy as it appears it was fixed in the refractoring
    • Plugin no longer needs...