Staff+ | The Ultimate Moderation Plugin | 1.7-1.14

A continuation of Shortninja's Staff+

  1. Staffmode Items

    The items for staffmode didn't work in the last update due to me accidentally moving a piece of code. Now they all work. Update is recommended
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  2. Fixed the language files

    There was something hiding in the Hungarian language file that was causing some issues with startup everything is good now
  3. Hotfix for English language file

    Seems I made a slight error in the yml formatting of the English language file this is just a fix for that all other languages are fine
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  4. 1.14 and more

    Alright gonna do a quick changelog:
    • Added 1.14 compat
    • Added a way to change the words enable/disabled for staffmode to make them language-specific
    • Some minor fixes like making 1.13 item names work with 1.13.2+ since my original way didn't
    Think that is it I was really busy with college during this update I have more hidden away in the code but it's not ready therefore I disabled it. BTW if the enable and disable translations are off please tell me I used google translate.
  5. Hot Fix

    Turns out the last version didn't fix the null pointer from trying to save the nonexistent offhand in 1.8 and 1.7 so if you haven't guessed by now if you're on 1.9+ you're fine
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  6. Fixes

    Alright turns out I made a few errors with the last version I failed at logic and then I failed to make sure that a method I used was in pre 1.13. This update is mainly for all those who were using anything below 1.11
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  7. Fixes n Features

    Alright guys I've been working on this update for a while now and it's finnally ready. Here is the changelog:
    • Make staffmode crash safe (previously a crash could cause lose of items)
    • Make vanish work properly
    • Add silent chest opening for staff in staffmode (Please note that as of right now it is a snapshot of the chest so it could be changed by another player)
    • Add a clear inventory command /clear by default can be changed in the config (Permission for the command is...
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  8. Another MySQL Fix

    This update pulls out the autosave feature for MySQL ONLY flatfile will still autosave. With MySQL autosave is unneeded as we save on the fly when we need to also the current way had an issue because I was indexing at 0 and SQL being weird indexes at 1.
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  9. MySQL Fix

    This update finally fixes MySQL so now data will be imported any who was using the old version with MySQL it is recommended you set migrated to false so data gets reimported. Gotta thank @Optimusik once again for reporting data not getting imported.
    This update doesn't offer any non-MySQL changes
    Please report all bugs to either the discord, discussion tab, or the GitHub.
    Sorry this took so long to get out college has me crazy busy.
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  10. MySQL Fix

    The last update for MySQL had some serve insecurities in it. This update is greatly recommended for all using MySQL. Big thanks to @Optimusik for helping test this version cannot thank you enough
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