Staff+ | The Ultimate Moderation Plugin | 1.7-1.16

A continuation of Shortninja's Staff+

  1. 1.16 support and fix 1.12/1.8

    This "should" work on 1.16 I've had a few people test it no issues specific to 1.16 were brought up. Also, this should fix issues with 1.8.8 and 1.12.2
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  2. Fixes

    Alright here's a long-awaited thing revive now works!!!!!!!!!
    Also this fixes several errors
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  3. Couple of error fixes

    This fixes the following errors:
    • NullPointerException EntityDamageByEntityEvent (Caused by being shot by a skeleton)
    • Unknown enum "FARMLAND" if using 1.12 (for whatever reason I mean may as well update you 1.8+ so...)
    • NullPointerException when loading warnings on /staff
    The following update may take a bit more time I wanna try to get revive working correctly
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  4. More fixes

    Fixes them pesky NPE when using flat file storage and hopefully one other NPE with entity damage
  5. Fixes

    Fixes a bug with flat-file saving and crop trampling on any version before 1.13
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  6. Quick Fixes

    Fixes an error on /staff (I believe at least)
    Fixes the fact vanished/mode users can trample crops
  7. Updates

    This update fixes a number of bugs such as:
    • A dupe bug with staff mode
    • MySQL issues
    • Errors on /staff caused by some weird translation bug with enabled and disabled
    • Many more I'm sure it's been a long update
    Planned things:
    • Fix revive (yes it's still broken but I want to get this out)
    • Fix login module (see above comment)
    • Add full bungee support? (Will have to see if the demand is there)
  8. 1.15 Compat

    This just add 1.15 compat nothing else any bugs from the last version are probably still there as I havent had much time to work on the plugin between then and now
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  9. 1.14.4 Support and more

    Login module is disabled for right now as it had security issues.
    This version adds 1.14.4 support to start with. Next we can now view players ender chests. Fixed the staff.staffplus.hideip permission as it disabled the examine tool now it just will return for the ip. There was also a dupe bug that is fixed now. That's what I can remember right now there are probably more bug fixes. Please report any bugs you find
  10. Staffmode Items

    The items for staffmode didn't work in the last update due to me accidentally moving a piece of code. Now they all work. Update is recommended
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