Staff Tools × 3.3.2

The most powerful staff accessories.

  1. Xipont
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    Languages Supported:
    Fully configurable messages (any language)

    Managing AntiSwear: stafftools.antiswear.manage
    Bypassing AntiSwear: stafftools.antiswear.bypass
    Managing Staff Members' Passwords: CONSOLE
    Changing Staff Members' Passwords: CONSOLE
    Staff Authentication: stafftools.authenticate
    Chat Managing:
    Enchanting Item: stafftools.item.enchant
    Modifying Item's ItemMeta: stafftools.item.modify
    Toggling alerts: stafftools.alerts
    ChatColor: stafftools.chatcolor
    Clearing Lag: stafftools.clearlag
    Managing Command Blocker: stafftools.commandblocker.manage
    CommandSpy: stafftools.commandspy
    Freeze: stafftools.freeze
    Managing Notes: stafftools.notes
    StaffTools Command: stafftools.primary
    Reporting Player:
    Clearing Player's Reports:
    Checking Player's Reports:
    StaffChat: stafftools.staffchat
    StaffMode: stafftools.staffmode
    Vanish: stafftools.vanish
    Bypass AntiCaps: stafftools.anticaps.bypass
    Mentioning: stafftools.mention
    Bypassing LockChat: stafftools.lockchat.bypass
    Bypass AntiCommandSpam: stafftools.anticommandspam.bypass
    Bypass X-Ray flags: stafftools.xray.bypass
    Receive X-Ray flags: stafftools.xray.notify
    Viewing vanished players: stafftools.vanished.see
    Bypassing Miner List: stafftools.miner.bypass
    Include In StaffList: stafftools.stafflist
    Manage Tickets:
    Open Ticket:
    Bypass Whitelist: OPERATOR
    Manage Whitelist: stafftools.whitelist
    Inventory Rollback: stafftools.rollback
    Viewing All Reports: stafftools.reports
    Playtime Command: stafftools.playtime
    Manage Command Logs: stafftools.logs
    Strip Player: stafftools.strip
    Inspect Player: stafftools.inspect
    Fix Item: stafftools.fix
    Set Fly/Walk Speed: stafftools.speed
    Check Ping:
    God Mode: stafftools.god
    Changing other users' chatcolor: stafftools.chatcolor.other

    /alerts (toggles xray/mention/ticket... alerts)
    /antiswear (Manage the anti-swear in-game)
    /chat (Manage the chat)
    /chatcolor (Pick a chatcolor)
    /clearlag (Clear the lag manually)
    /commandblocker (Manage the command-blocker in-game)
    /commandspy (Toggle commandspy)
    /enchant (Enchant your item) [Works with crazy levels like 1000+]
    /freeze (Freeze a player)
    /item (Set lore or name for the item you are holding) [Works with multi-line lores]
    /login (Logs you in through the staff authentication process)
    /notes (Manage player notes)
    /password (Manage staff passwords)
    /register (Registering in the staff authentication process)
    /report (Report a player, or manage player reports)
    /staffchat (Toggle staffchat mode)
    /staffmode (Toggle staffmode)
    /stafftools (Main stafftools command)
    /vanish (Toggle vanish mode)
    /ticket (Create or manage tickets)
    /whitelist (Toggle or Manage the whitelist)
    /rollback (Roll back a player's inventory to what it was before they died.)
    /reports (View all reports)
    /playtime (View a player's total playtime)
    /logs (Manage command logs)
    /strip (Strip a player of their armor, places in their inventory)
    /inspect (Inspect a player's inventory + some info)
    /fix (Fixes the tool/armorpiece you are holding)
    /speed (Lets you modify your walking/flying speed)
    /ping (Allows you to check a player's ping)
    /god (Lets you toggle a player's god mode)

    Very Customizable
    • You can customize the majority of stafftools to your preferance, pretty much all of the messages are fully customizable and most of the features are too.
    Information Storage
    • Data is stored in a data.yml file in a completely separate directory to prevent the clogging of the configuration file.
    • Some information such as reports, full report info, report counter, notes,.. are stored and can be accessed at any time. Logged information is also clear-able.
    Item Modification
    • Items can be modified using StaffTools commands, you can add crazy enchants, multi-lined lores, custom names. Fully compatible with colorcodes!
    Easy Configurability
    • Reload command to help you customize StaffTools quickly to your liking!
    • Some major features such as the AntiSwear can be configured with in-game commands.
    • Easy way of getting someone's attention. Doesn't work when you are vanished, or you disable your mention notifications. Includes sounds and notifications.
    Clear Lag
    • Clears all entities every customizable amount of seconds, to help prevent lag.
    • Includes adding, clearing and checking all notes for a specific player.
    Staff List & Miner List
    • GUI's, also include the actual player head skins, and click to teleport.
    Anti-Swear & Command Blocker
    • Optional features, StaffTools includes commands to provide a way to easily fully modify the filter list of the AntiSwear and CommandBlocker in-game.
    Toggle-able Commands & Features
    • Some features, and ALL commands are completely optional, and may be toggled easily in the config.yml file. (Staff Authentication, Automatic ClearLag, Anti Command Spam, AntiSpam, and more)
    Anti-Spam (Commands & Chat)
    • StaffTools includes a fully configurable anti-spam system. This will indefinitely help combat spam bots on your server.
    Staff Mode
    • Advanced staffmode, which contains many useful tools for your staff members to moderate with, such as vanish, freezing players, inspecting their inventories and some extra information, Staff and Miner list, Following tool, and the best part is that the items are fully configurable!
    Version Compatibility Checker
    • Fully automatic version compatibility checker, which will immediately notify you when you launch StaffTools on an unsupported Bukkit/Spigot version.
    Ticket System
    • Configurable and good ticket system, effective to incorporate easy staff to member communication whenever a player needs assistance!
    Inventory Rollback
    • A player has been unfairly killed by a cheater? Well fear no more, this handy command restores a player's inventory to what it was right before their previous death.
    Chat Manager
    • Contains a simple chat manager to assist you in chat managing with commands to clear, toggle and slow the chat, also has permissions for bypassing the toggle and slow.
    X-Ray Detection Help
    • If your alerts for x-ray notifications are enabled, you will receive alerts when a player who doesn't have the x-ray bypass permission mines gold or diamond ores, or a spawner. The notification format is 100% customizable and the violation level of the user is displayed.
    • StaffTools has some features which set off alerts, such as the Mention system, Ticket system, and the X-Ray detection helper. They can all be toggled with the /alerts command
    Chat Color
    • Incorporates a ChatColor command with a multitude of various colors for your staff to stand out in the chat!
    Command Spy
    • The Command Spy feature shows you all of the player executed commands, unless they are performed by you.
    • Freeze is a command which allows you to freeze a player, which means you essentially disable their movements, interactions, commands, combat ability, and more. This is very useful when you suspect a player for cheating and wish to screenshare them, but can be utilized in many scenarios.
    Staff Authentication
    • Staff authentication is an optional feature which is disabled by default, but it is a security system for your staff members which could help you in situations such as if your account was hacked, it would prevent the hacker griefing the server unless they have your StaffTools authentication password, which is stored in the data file, and is unobtainable unless you are on the console, or you have operator and already gone through the authentication successfully.
    Staff Chat
    • Staff chat is a very useful feature which allows easy private communication between you and your staff members.
    • StaffTools includes a vanish command to hide you from everyone else and from the tab list as well. Obviously this is necessary for staff members to moderate players with relative ease.
    • Whitelist is essentially an improved maintenance mode for your server, the whitelisted message is configurable and you can bypass the whitelist even if you aren't added to it if you have operator status.
    Command Logs
    • This feature allows you to manage command logs to help catch and prevent staff griefing, you can manage the logs and add/remove logged commands. Some commands related to managing the logs are restricted to console-only, to prevent griefers from manipulating this handy feature.

    Code (generalcode (Unknown Language)):

    #   {---}       [Staff Authentication Section]      {---}
    staff-authentication-status: 'disabled'
    sa-register-message: '&cYou must register: &e/register &6<password>'
    sa-login-message: '&cYou must login: &e/login &6<password>'
    register-success: '&6&lREGISTER SUCCESSFUL&8 | &eYou are now registered.'
    register-fail: '&4&lREGISTER FAILED&8 | &cPlease retry.'
    login-fail: '&4&lLOGIN FAILED&8 | &cPlease retry.'
    login-success: '&6&lLOGIN SUCCESSFUL&8 | &eYou are now logged in.'
    found-password: '%prefix% &ePassword of &f%name%&e is &6%password%&e.'
    changed-password: '%prefix% &eChanged password of &f%name%&e to &6%password%&e.'

    #           {---}       CommandBlocker Section      {---}
    bad-command-blocker-status: 'enabled'
    bad-command-message: '&cThat command is forbidden!'
    commandblocker-added-command: '%prefix% &eAdded command &6%command% &eto the list.'
    commandblocker-removed-command: '%prefix% &eRemoved command &6%command% &efrom the list.'
    commandblocker-listed-commands: '%prefix% &eBad command list: &6%list%&e.'

    #           {---}       Mentions Section        {---}
    mentions-status: 'enabled'
    mentioned-notification: '&6%name% &ehas mentioned you!'
    mention: '&e&[email protected]&6%name%'
    mention-alerts-toggled: '%prefix% &eYou have &6%toggle% &emention notifications.'

    #           {---}       Anti-Swear Section      {---}
    anti-swear-status: 'enabled'
    swearing-message: '&cPlease do not swear.'
    swear-word-list: '%prefix% &eWordlist:&6 %words%&e.'
    swear-word-added: '%prefix% &eYou added &6%word% &eto the filter list.'
    swear-word-removed: '%prefix% &eYou removed &6%word% &efrom the filter list.'

    #           {---}       Chat Managing Section       {---}
    anti-commandspam-status: 'enabled'
    anti-commandspam-cooldown-seconds: 2
    anticaps-status: 'enabled'
    max-caps-characters: 7
    anti-caps-message: '&cPlease use less CAPS lock.'
    chat-cleared: '&eThe chat was cleared by &6%name%&e.'
    chat-slowed: '&eThe chat was set to a slow interval of &6%seconds%&e by &f%name%&e.'
    chat-slow-disabled: '&eThe chat slow was disabled by &f%name%&e.'
    chat-locked-speak: '&cThe chat is currently locked!'
    chat-lock-enabled: '&eThe chat was locked by&f %name%&e.'
    chat-lock-disabled: '&eThe chat was unlocked by&f %name%&e.'

    #           {---}       General     {---}
    plugin-reloaded-message: '%prefix% &eYou have reloaded StaffTools successfully.'
    prefix: '&6&lST&8 >>&e'
    must-be-player: '%prefix% &cYou must be a player!'
    no-permission: '&cInsufficient permission.'
    usage: '%prefix% Usage: &c%usage%'
    unsupported-version: '%prefix% &cYou are currently running StaffTools on an unsupported version (%version%).'
    target-is-offline: '%prefix% &cYour target (%name%) is offline.'
    on-cooldown-message: '%prefix% &eYou are on cooldown for &6%time%&e seconds.'
    argument-isnt-number: '%prefix% &cThe argument &f%arg%&c must be a number!'
    number-too-low: '%prefix% &cThat number is too low (%arg%)'
    must-be-console: '&cYou must be in console to perform this action!'
    number-too-big: '%prefix% &cThe number &f%arg% &cis too big! Max:&f %max%&c.'

    #           {---}       StaffChat Section       {---}
    staff-chat-enabled: '%prefix% Your staffchat status was updated to TRUE.'
    staff-chat-disabled: '%prefix% You staffchat status was updated to FALSE.'
    toggled-players-staffchat: '%prefix% &eYou &6%toggle% &estaffchat of &f%name%&e.'
    staffchat-format: '&b%name%: %message%'

    #           {---}       ClearLag Section        {---}
    automatic-clear-lag: 'enabled'
    clear-lag-repeat-interval-seconds: 300
    clear-lag-message: '&7[&6%total%&7]&e Entities were removed from the ground.'

    #           {---}       CommandSpy Section      {---}
    commandspy-toggled: '%prefix% &eYou have %toggle% commandspy.'
    commandspy-format: '%prefix% &f%name%&f: &6%command%'

    #           {---}       Reports Section     {---}
    player-reported: '%prefix% You reported &f%name% &efor &6%reason%&e.'
    reported-notification: '%prefix% &f%target_name% &ewas reported by &e%name%&e for &6%reason%&e.'
    report-cooldown-seconds: 60
    reportlog-format: '&7[%date%&7]&e Reporter:&6 %reporter%&8 |&e Reason:&6 %reason%'
    check-report-info: '%prefix% &f%name% &ehas a total of &6%count% &ereports.'
    report-alerts-toggled: '%prefix% &eYour report notifications were &6%toggled%&e.'
    cleared-reports: '%prefix% &eYou cleared all reports from &f%name%&e.'
    reports-page-doesnt-exist: '&cThat page does not exist.'
    report-page-spacer: '&8&m----------------------------------'
    reports-per-page: 4

    #           {---}       Freeze Section      {---}
    frozen-prefix: '&4[FROZEN]'
    frozen-player-quit: '%prefix% &4&l%name% HAS LEFT WHILE FROZEN.'
    frozen-player: '%prefix% &eYou froze &f%name%&e.'
    frozen-message: '&eYou have been frozen by a staff member. Do not leave the server!'
    unfroze-player: '%prefix% &eYou unfroze &f%name%&e.'
    unfrozen-message: '&eYou are no longer frozen.'

    #           {---}       GUI Names Section       {---}
    miner-list-gui-name: '&0&lMiner List'
    staff-list-gui-name: '&0&lStaff List'
    reports-list-gui-name: '&0&lView Reports'
    player-inspect-gui-name: '&o&l%name%'

    #           {---}       ChatColor Section       {---}
    chatcolor-list-msg: '%prefix% disable, &0black, &1dark_blue, &2dark_green, &eyellow, &3cyan, &4dark_red, &5purple, &6orange, &7gray, &8dark_gray, &9blue, &agreen, &cred, &baqua, &dpink, &f&lbold, &f&nunderline&f, &f&mstrikethrough&e.'
    chatcolor-changed-target: '%prefix% You changed chatcolor of %name% to %color%.'
    chatcolor-changed: '%prefix% &eYour chatcolor is now %color%.'

    #           {---}       Notes Section       {---}
    added-note: '%prefix% &eAdded note &6%note%&e to &f%name%&e.'
    cleared-notes: '%prefix% &eCleared notes for &f%name%.'
    doesnt-have-notes: '%prefix% &f%name%&e does not have any notes.'
    checknote-format: '%prefix% &7[&6%count%&7] &e%note%'

    #           {---}       Item Modification Section       {---}
    must-be-holding-item: '%prefix% &eYou must be holding a valid item.'
    lore-changed: '%prefix% &eYou successfully changed the lore of your item.'
    name-changed: '%prefix% &eYou successfully changed the name of your item.'
    item-meta-reset: '%prefix% &eYou successfully reset your item.'
    enchanted-item: '%prefix% &eYou successfully added &f%enchantment% &eLv.&6 %level% &eto your item.'
    enchantment-list: '%prefix% &eEnchantments: &6power, protection, sharpness, aqua_affinity, blast_protection, depth_strider, efficiency, feather_falling, flame, infinity, knockback, looting, fortune, punch, projectile_protection, silk_touch, thorns, unbreaking, fire_aspect&e.'
    enchantments-cleared: '%prefix% &eYou successfully cleared all enchantments.'
    enchantment-not-found: '%prefix% &cCould not find enchantment &f%enchantment%&c.'
    item-fixed-msg: '%prefix% &eRepaired your item &6successfully&e.'

    #           {---}       Xray Section        {---}
    xray-alert-format: '&7[&c!&7] &3%name%&7 might be using X-Ray &cVL&f: &7[&c%vl%&7] &c(found %ore%)'
    xray-alerts-toggled: '%prefix% &eYou %toggle% X-Ray alerts.'
    xray-alerts-toggled-player: '%prefix% &eYou %toggle% X-Ray alerts for %name%.'

    #           {---}       Ticket Section      {---}
    ticket-cooldown: 120
    ticket-created: '&eYou have submitted a ticket with request: &6%request%&e and id &6%id%&e.'
    no-tickets-submitted: '%prefix% &eThere are currently no submitted tickets.'
    ticket-alerts-toggled: '%prefix% &eYou have &6%toggled%&e ticket alerts.'
    ticket-submitted-notify: '%prefix% &eTicket &8[&6%id%&8] &ehas been submitted by &f%name%&e for &6%request%&e.'
    ticket-closed: '%prefix% &eSuccessfully closed ticket &6%id%&e.'
    ticket-creator-offline: '%prefix% &eThe user who created the ticket is offline.'
    ticket-response-staff: '&e[&6&l%id%&e] &8| &6Staff (%name%): &e%response%'
    ticket-list-format: '&eTicket &6%id% &eby %name% &8| &7[%time%] &6%reason%'
    ticket-response-creator: '&e[&6&l%id%&e] &8| &6Creator (%name%): &e%response%'
    ticket-cannot-reply: '&eYou can not reply to the ticket yet, please wait for a staff member to reply to your ticket.'
    ticket-not-found: '%prefix% &eTicket &6(ID: %id%) &ecould not be found or does not exist.'
    ticket-is-already-claimed: '%prefix% &eTicket &6(%id%) &eis already claimed by &f%name%&e.'
    your-ticket-deleted: '&eYour ticket &6(%id%) &ewas closed by &f%name%&e.'

    #           {---}       Whitelist Section       {---}
    whitelist-toggled: '%prefix% &eYou have &6%toggled%&e the whitelist.'
    kick-on-whitelist: 'disabled'
    whitelist-required: '%prefix% &eWhitelist must be enabled.'
    whitelisted-player: '%prefix% &eSuccessfully added &f%name%&e to the whitelist.'
    unwhitelisted-player: '%prefix% &eSuccessfully removed &f%name%&e from the whitelist.'
    whitelisted-user-list: '&7[%count%] &6%list%&6.'
    cannot-unwhitelist: '%prefix% &eCan not unwhitelist &f%name%&e because there are too little whitelisted players.'
    player-isnt-whitelisted: '%prefix% &f%name%&e is not whitelisted.'
    player-already-whitelisted: '%prefix% &f%name%&e is already whitelisted!'
    cant-join-not-whitelisted-message: '&7You are not allowed to join, the server is currently under &cmaintence&7.'

    #           {---}       Inventory Rollback Section      {---}
    cant-find-inventory: '%prefix% &eCould not find previous inventory of &f%name%&e.'
    inventory-rollbacked: '&eYour inventory has been &e&lrestored&e successfully.'
    inventory-rollbacked-staff: '%prefix%&e You successfully rolled inventory of &f%name%&e back.'

    #           {---}       Command Logging Section     {---}
    no-logs-found: '%prefix% &eCould not find logs for &f%name%&e.'
    logs-cleared: '%prefix% &eCleared logs for &f%name% &esuccessfully.'
    logcommand-exists: '&cThe command you entered (%command%) is already in the list.'
    logcommand-doesnt-exist: '&cThe command you entered (%command%) is not in the list.'
    logcommand-added: '%prefix% &eCommand &6%command% &ewill be logged from now on.'
    logcommand-removed: '%prefix% &eCommand &6%command%&e will no longer be logged.'
    logcommand-list: '%prefix% &eLogged Commands:&6 %list%&e.'
    logcommand-status: 'enabled'
    log-format: '&7[%date%] &e%name%:&6&l %command%'

    #           {---}       StaffMode Section       {---}
    follower-message: '%prefix% &eYou are now following &f%name%&e.'
    staffmode-toggled: '%prefix% &eYour staffmode was &6%status%&e.'
    toggled-players-staffmode: '%prefix% &eYou toggled staffmode of &f%name%&e.'
    teleport-successful: '%prefix% &eYou were teleported to &f%name%&e.'
    teleport-random-fail: '%prefix% &eNot enough online players to teleport.'
    toggled-vanish: '%prefix% &eYou &6%toggled%&e vanish.'
    toggled-players-vanish: '%prefix% &eYou &6%toggled% &evanish for &f%name%&e.'
    show-miners-under-y-level: 25

    #           {---}       Speed Section        {---}
    walk-speed-set: '%prefix% &eYour walking speed was set to &6%speed%&e.'
    fly-speed-set: '%prefix% &eYour flight speed was set to &6%speed%&e.'
    walk-speed-reset: '%prefix% &eYour walking speed was reset.'
    fly-speed-reset: '%prefix% &eYour flight speed was reset.'

    #           {---}       Misc        {---}
    playtime-message: '&f%name%&e has played for a total of &6%time%&e.'
    player-stripped: '%prefix% &eStripped armor of &f%name%&e.'
    player-inventory-full: '%prefix% &cInventory of &f%name%&c is full.'
    ping-message: '%prefix% &ePing of &f%name% &eis &6%ping%&e.'

    #           {---}       Command Toggle Section      {---}
        staffchat: 'enabled'
        report: 'enabled'
        chat: 'enabled'
        commandspy: 'enabled'
        staffmode: 'enabled'
        freeze: 'enabled'
        vanish: 'enabled'
        chatcolor: 'enabled'
        clearlag: 'enabled'
        notes: 'enabled'
        stafftools: 'enabled'
        item: 'enabled'
        enchant: 'enabled'
        alerts: 'enabled'
        antiswear: 'enabled'
        commandblocker: 'enabled'
        register: 'enabled'
        login: 'enabled'
        password: 'enabled'
        ticket: 'enabled'
        whitelist: 'enabled'
        rollback: 'enabled'
        reports: 'enabled'
        playtime: 'enabled'
        logs: 'enabled'
        strip: 'enabled'
        inspect: 'enabled'
        fix: 'enabled'
        speed: 'enabled'
        ping: 'enabled'

    #           {---}       Staff Mode Items Section     {---}
    staffmode-randomtp-name: '&6Random Teleport'
    staffmode-randomtp-material: 'COMPASS'
    staffmode-randomtp-amount: 1
    staffmode-randomtp-slot: 0
    staffmode-freeze-name: '&6Freeze Player'
    staffmode-freeze-material: 'PACKED_ICE'
    staffmode-freeze-amount: 1
    staffmode-freeze-slot: 7
    staffmode-minerlist-name: '&6Miner List'
    staffmode-minerlist-material: 'RECORD_9'
    staffmode-minerlist-amount: 1
    staffmode-minerlist-slot: 3
    staffmode-stafflist-name: '&6Staff Online'
    staffmode-stafflist-material: 'NETHER_STAR'
    staffmode-stafflist-amount: 1
    staffmode-stafflist-slot: 2
    staffmode-inspectbook-name: '&6Inspect'
    staffmode-inspectbook-material: 'BOOK'
    staffmode-inspectbook-amount: 1
    staffmode-inspectbook-slot: 1
    staffmode-vanishoff-name: '&6Vanish &6(&cOFF&6)'
    staffmode-vanishoff-amount: 1
    staffmode-vanishoff-slot: 8
    staffmode-vanishon-name: '&6Vanish &6(&aON&6)'
    staffmode-vanishon-amount: 1
    staffmode-vanishon-slot: 8
    staffmode-follower-name: '&6Follow Player'
    staffmode-follower-material: 'LEASH'
    staffmode-follower-amount: 1
    staffmode-follower-slot: 4


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    If you encounter a problem with the plugin, please send me a message and screenshot the error log. After that I will take action and try to fix the error(s) as fast as possible.

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  7. Jerry442
    Version: × 3.3.2
    Great plugin it's just a shame i can't remove the speed command as i hate the 0.1 to 1.0 range it has as my staffteam far prefer 1 to 10. so it would be great if you didn't have to mess with the .jar file to try and change this as it typically breaks the plugin. However i was able to remove the aliase for invsee in a very similar way
  8. Fatespeaker
    Version: × 3.3.2
    Everything is working great and I love the plugin, but I have an issue that I just can't figure out how to solve. Anyone who isn't /oped can't access /help and it's being blocked by stafftools, but I can't find a permission on here that allows. Anyone know how to fix this?
  9. JimCricket
    Version: × 3.3.2
    Good support, good plugin. Asked for a feature to be added and within a short period of time, an update was created solving my prior issue
  10. SirLemonade
    Version: × 3.2.4 (Quick Bugfix)
    This plugin is extremely useful. i especially like using the freeze command and i use the alerts to keep an eye out for xrayers. defenitely a good plugin if you are looking for a well made staff plugin. I had an issue with this plugin involving minecraft's banning system, was fixed very quickly. would recommend using this plugin.
    1. Xipont
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your review SirLemonade!
      I'm extremely glad to hear you are enjoying using this resource. :D