Staff++ 1.17.18

The Ultimate Moderation Plugin Revisited

  1. Garagepoort
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    Source Code:



    Forked from Qball StaffPlus github's repository.

    I forked this repository to implement a release cycle strategy in which different versions for different spigot servers will be supported.
    The main reason for this is so that we can start implementing new features easily using new versions of the spigot api, without worrying about backwards compatibility.

    Donations for the Annual Gavin Lutz Memorial Fundraiser

    Main features
    • All Staff+ features
    • Free web platform
    • Full Mysql/sqlite support
    • BungeeCord integration for StaffChat
    • New Flexible Warning system
    • New Reporting system with Discord Integration
    • Banning/Tempbanning
    • Protecting players and areas
    • Custom staff GUIs rank based
    • Enderchest/Inventory interaction with on- and offline players
    • Investigations

    Integration plugins
    Discord Integration plugin:

    Changes are only implemented on versions >= 1.12. For older versions please refer to


    Web Platform Example

    New Warning System:


    Discord Integration:

Recent Updates

  1. Fix threshold migration
  2. Command hook configuration improvements + bugfixes
  3. Fix notes migration

Recent Reviews

  1. RLZ
    Version: 1.17.18
    Can't even keep a web dashboard up.....

    Also incredibly huge file size, 13mb including discord integration
  2. RentexHDD
    Version: 1.17.3
    Plugin is so good! You can customize every thing in files. This is an essential plugin for EVERY staff team. I found an issue and Garagepoort fixed it in one day! Great support. Keep it up! 5/5
  3. YKDZ
    Version: 1.17.3
    Excellent plug-in! The error I reported was solved in one day! Thank you for such an excellent author!
  4. Yousita
    Version: 1.17.8
    Muy paciente y excelente soporte en el discord. En cuanto al plugin muy bueno y completo. Thanks you Garagepoort for ur paccient
    5 stars :)
  5. Nutmegan
    Version: 1.17.8
    This plugin just keeps getting better. It works well out of the box the way it's set up and the documentation is hands down... the best I've ever seen. If all that isn't good enough, the developer is very active and always willing to help on Discord. Other developers should use this guy as their model to shoot for.
  6. LeDOck38
    Version: 1.17.4
    nice plugin, it's possible to selfhost the staff site ? zhqtever very nice plugin good job
    and please keep it alive !! :D
  7. RentexHDD
    Version: 1.17.4
    Perfect plugin for Staff team! Not abusable. Author is very kind and very supportive. He fixes a reported issue within a 12h. I recommend plugin to everyone.
  8. RainbowTea
    Version: 1.17.4
    The plugin works amazingly on 1.17, the discord integration is my most favorite feature.
  9. zlAquiles_
    Version: 1.17.2
    nice plugins <3
  10. Lautje
    Version: 1.16.67
    Good and has a lot of features, but when I mine a stone block it tells me in the chat, how can is disable this?
    1. Garagepoort
      Author's Response
      Hey Lautje,

      The review section is not really the place for support.
      We have a discord channel which you can ask any question, you'll also have an answer faster through discord.

      That said, mining alerts can be configured: