StaffBasics [1.12] 1.6.2

The all-you-need plugin for all your staff needs!

  1. ChickenMcNugget2
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    This is my first ever plugin. If you do find a bug, please report it to me in the comments or something.

    This has been tested in 1.12.2 and 1.13.2, however it may work on other versions.

    This plugin is really simple and comes with many commands and simple permissions.

    Command - Permission
    /vanish (toggleable) - staff.vanish: Vanish from all players without permission: staff.vanish.see
    /sc - Talk in staff chat.
    /tp -
    /tphere - staff.tphere
    /mutechat - staff.mutechat: Use permission staff.mutebypass to bypass the chat mute. (Per world)
    /smite - staff.smite
    /heal - staff.heal
    /gamemode - staff.gamemode
    /tpall - staff.tpall
    /fly -
    /sudo - staff.sudo
    /feed - staff.feed
    /msg - player.message
    /togglemsg - player.msgtoggle
    /nick - staff.nick
    /staffreload - staff.reload
    /ban - staff.ban
    /unban - staff.unban
    /mute - staff.mute
    /unmute - staff.unmute
    /kick - staff.kick
    /flyspeed - staff.flyspeed
    /invsee - staff.invsee (Viewed inventories can be changed!)
    /togglestaffmessages: staff.togglestaff
    /clearchat: staff.clearchat
    /list: staff.list
    /cmdspy: staff.cmdspy
    /allsay: staff.allsay
    /kickall: staff.kickall
    /getpos: staff.getpos
    /god: staff.god
    /ipban: staff.ipban
    /tppos: staff.tppos
    /echest: staff.echest
    /clearinventory: staff.clearinv
    /kill: staff.kill
    /broadcast: staff.broadcast
    /seen: staff.seen
    /gmc: staff.gamemode
    /gms: staff.gamemode
    /gma: staff.gamemode
    /gmsp: staff.gamemode
    /lag: staff.lag
    /flyspeed: staff.flyspeed
    /walkspeed: staff.walkspeed
    /day: staff.time
    /night: staff.time

    This plugin only needs Vault and a chat plugin for the vanish prefix.
    PlaceHolderAPI can be installed for placeholders in messages.
    upload_2019-4-17_18-48-44.png upload_2019-4-17_18-49-2.png upload_2019-4-17_18-49-18.png
    Vanished prefix:
    View attachment 417864



    You can leave suggestions as to what to add below.


    - Ban/Kick/Mute ✔️
    - Toggle staff chat ✔️
    - Aliases for commands ✔️
    - Config and messages file ✔️

    Thanks for checking it out!!


    None yet! DM me and I will add your server.

    Code (Text):
      No-Player: '&cNo player named %target%.'
      Gamemode-Other: '&6Gamemode set to &c%gamemode% &6for %target%'
      Gamemode: '&6Gamemode set to &c%gamemode% &6for %player%'
      StaffChat: '&b[S] &e%player%: %message%'
      Vanish: '&aYou vanished.'
      UnVanish: '&aYou unvanished.'
      VanishBroadcast: '&7&o[%player%: &evanished&7&o]'
      UnVanishBroadcast: '&7&o[%player%: &eunvanished&7&o]'
      MessageFrom: '&e(To &f%target%: &e%message%&e)'
      MessageTo: '&e(From &f%player%: &e%message%&e)'
      Nick: '&e* '
      FirstJoin: '&eWelcome %joined% to the server!'
      Join: '&e%player% joined the server.'
      Staff Join: '&b[S] &3%player% connected to the server.'
      Staff Leave: '&b[S] &3%player% disconnected to the server.'
      Leave: '&e%player% left the server.'
      Frozen: '&cYou are currently frozen and cannot move.'
      Broadcast: '&c&l[BROADCAST] &f%message%'
      Report Broadcast: '&c[S] &3%player% has reported %reported% for: &e%reason%'
      TpBroadcast: true
      VanishBroadcast: true
      CustomJoinMessage: true
      Custom Leave Message: true
      Broadcast New Players: true
      Broadcast Staff Join: true
      Broadcast Staff Leave: true
      Format Chat: false
      Show Warnings: false
      Chat Format: '%display%&c: %message%'
      Placeholders for chat format: '%player% - Chatters name, %display%: chatters display
        name (prefixes, suffixes etc), %message% - chatters message'
      Freeze Quit Command: ban %player% Logged out whilst frozen.

    5 - ✔️
    10- ✔️
    20- ✔️ thank u all!!!!
    50- ✔️ oh ma gawddddddddd!!!!!!11!1!
    100- ✔️ thanks so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!313141556
    200- ❌
    300- ❌
    400- ❌
    500- ❌
    1000 - ❌


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  1. Leodur2006
    Version: 1.3
    Very good, can you add /tempban and /mute (not /mutechat) too?
    1. ChickenMcNugget2
      Author's Response
      I am in the process of making those features and they should be added in the next few days! Thanks for the review btw!