StaffChat 0.2

StaffChat || AdminChat for minecraft servers with config.yml (and reload command)

  1. Fly_Ultra
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    StaffChat 0.2v
    StaffChat with toggle and config.yml (with config reload command)

    I will always try to add and edit news to the plugin for better editing and interaction.
    Plugin have config.yml, and this is my very old StaffChat and i remade it a bit and I want to share it

    Tutorial video:

    From RAMShard watch the video and like

    How to toggle StaffChat?
    > /adminchat
    > /ac
    > /staffchat

    > /staffc

    How to reload config.yml?
    > /staffreload

    > /reloadstaff

    How to write to StaffChat?
    > /<commands> <message>

    //Permissions for use StaffChat

    > StaffChat.staffchat
    //Permissions for see messages in StaffChat
    > StaffChat.see

    //Permissions for reload config
    > StaffChat.reload

Recent Updates

  1. Small code remake