StaffChatLite 2.0.2

A lightweight plugin that provides server operators with private chat.

  1. Tedstar
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    So far, this is a simple plugin with simple operation. It provides a staff chat channel.​


    The chat channel uses a player's display name to display them, so any plugins which modify a player's name (namely Essentials /nick) will show up in staff chat as well.​


    You can toggle whether all of your messages will go to the staff channel. Just see the Usage section below. You may also pause chat.

    Future updates will add more functions and customization.​

    Installation: To use this plugin, simply download it and add it to your server's plugins folder. No additional setup required.​

    Chatting: To communicate in the staff channel, simply use /staff <message>. (See Commands section below.)

    Toggling: To toggle so all of your chat goes into the staff channel, just use the command /channel staff. It will notify you whether you have joined or left the channel.​

    • /staff - Provides the syntax for sending messages.
    • /staff <message> - Sends <message> in the Staff chat channel.
    • /channel - Provides the syntax for toggling channeled chat.
    • /channel <channel> - Toggle: toggles whether all of your messages go to the <channel> channel.
    • /channel pause - Pause the staff channel. Can only be unpaused by pauser, console, or if the pauser disconnects.
    • staffchat.* - all StaffChatLite permissions
    • staffchat.staff - ability to use /staff
    • - ability to use /channel

    I provide this plugin as-is, with no guarantees that it will work in your particular server environment. If you have any problems, please private message me and we will try to solve them, don't just leave a bad review.

    This plugin was build on Java 1.7, so it should work on almost all servers. It is known to work on Spigot 1.8.8, and it is up to you if you try and use it on older versions.

    Usage Terms
    By downloading this plugin, you agree to the terms of use as stated below:
    • You are downloading this plugin for your personal use. You will not redistribute, sell, or in any way license this plugin as your own work. You will not post this resource on other websites, or host it's code on any cloud service.
    • You may use this on as many servers as you own, but you can only reference the link to this post if you wish to provide another person with this plugin.
    • You will not de-compile, reverse engineer, or in any way attempt to modify the operation and/or source code associated with this plugin. You will not copy it's code to use on your own projects.
    • This plugin was made by myself, Tedstar, for the general use of the public, and I reserve all rights associated with it's creation.
    If any breach in these terms arises, I will hold you personally responsible.

Recent Updates

  1. Improvements in 2.0.2
  2. Permissions!
  3. Improved performance

Recent Reviews

  1. endlessgaming1
    Version: 2.0.2
    very nice plugin works as it should and very simple thank you for this plugin my man or girl
  2. xXkguyXx
    Version: 2.0.0
    Cool Plugin :)
    1. Tedstar
      Author's Response
      Thank you! :D I enjoyed making it.
  3. AMiracleName
    Version: 1.4.7
    I would say good.. But can you edit so you type like /staff and it would make you join or leave the chat and then.. (Here comes the magic) If a player is in the staff chat it would make them type in chat no matter chat :O (And then of course when they leave it.. It would just send a message to all online players like usually)
    1. Tedstar
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the wonderful review! :D I will take your suggestion into account for a future update.