StaffChatX 》Discord Bot + Cool Features《 1.0

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  1. UziPlex
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
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    Thank you for using my skripts!
    This is by far my favorite skript!
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    》Discord Bot Creation
    》Many Commands
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    Code (Text):

    # Discord Bot
        # Your bot token
        # Chat id
        # Bot Name
        # The color of the embed
        embedcolor: red
        # Message Recived when someone talks in chat: %discord name of event-user% < User
        # %event-message% < Message
        chatformat: &8(&cDISCORD&8) &c%discord name of event-user%&7: &c%event-message%
    # Main Chat
        # Help Msg
        helpmsg: &c&lStaffChatX &8| &cInvalid usage please do /staffchat help
        # Help Command Msg
        starthelp: &c&lStaffChatX &8| &cList of all commands! Aliases: sc
        line1help: &c/staffchat on &8| &cTurns on staff chat!
        line2help: &c/staffchat off &8| &cTurns off staff chat!
        line3help: &c/staffchat hide &8| &cHide staff chat!
        line4help: &c/staffchat list &8| &cLists all players in staff chat! to player
        # Staff Chat ON
        alreadyon: &c&lStaffChatX &8| &cStaff chat has been already activated!
        scon: &c&lStaffChatX &8| &cStaff chat has been activated!
        # Staff Chat OFF
        alreadyoff: &c&lStaffChatX &8| &cStaff chat has been already disabled!
        scoff: &c&lStaffChatX &8| &cStaff chat has been disabled!
        # HIDE STAFF Chat
        schoff: &c&lStaffChatX &8| &cStaff chat is now visible for you!
        schon: &c&lStaffChatX &8| &cStaff chat is hidden for you!
        scformat: &8[&cSTAFFCHAT&8] &c%player%&7: &c%message%
        nooneinsc: &c&lStaffChatX &8| &cThere is no one in staff chat
        startlistsc: &c&lStaffChatX &8| &cList of all players!
        sctemplate: &7Name: &c%loop-player% &8| &7World: &c%loop-player's world%

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    》Go to this website:

    》Create a new application
    》Once you create it!
    》Go to bot
    》Create a new bot and then invite it to your server!


    》Copy the link and paste it in the browser
    》 That will invite the bot

    》Then go to bot copy the bot and paste it at
    token: YourBotToken

    》Name your discord bot then:
    botname: BotName

    》Then copy the id of a discord channel you wanna use!
    and then paste it in

    》Then run the server

    》Do not share your bot token with anyone!
    》Also make sure when you do all of that to save the skript and reset the server!

    》 And thats how you setup the discord bot
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    》/staffchat help
    》/staffchat on
    》/staffchat off
    》/staffchat hide
    》/staffchat list
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