StaffJoins 2.3a

Announce when a member of staff joins!

  1. JamesJ
    JamesJ (Creator)
    Announce when certain players join!

    Bored of never knowing when a member of staff joins? Always spamming /glist or the Tab to see if they are on? This is the plugin for you!
    StaffJoins is a highly customizable plugin, that allows you to know when staff join.
    /<command> <args> - Permission = Description
    /sj reload - Staffjoins.command.reload = Reload the plugin's config.
    /sj toggle - Staffjoins.command.toggle = Toggle whether you see Staff Announcements (when they join/leave)

    Code (Text):

      useBungeePerms: true # <- Would you like to use BungeePerms for prefixes? (recommended)
      Prefix: '&9[STAFF]' # <- Prefix for all messages
      NoPerms: '&cYou''re not permitted to execute this command!' # <- No permission message
    Ranks: # <- prefixes for groups (if your not using BungeePerms)
      YouTube: '&6[YT]' # <- YouTube prefix. Permission: staffjoins.youtuber
      BuildTeam: '&3[Builder]' # <- Builder Prefix. Permission: staffjoins.builder
      Helper: '&8[HELPER]' # <- Helper/ChatModerator prefix. Permission: staffjoins.helper
      Moderator: '&2[MOD]' # <- Moderator prefix. Permission: staffjoins.mod
      Admin: '&c[ADMIN]' # <- Administrator prefix. Permission: staffjoins.admin
      Owner: '&4[OWNER]' # <- Owner prefix. Permission: staffjoins.owner
      Random: '&e[Use_Me_For_Another_Rank]' # <- Random rank. Use this for what ever you want. Permission: staffjoins.other
      Header: '&6&m--------------&8[&aStaffJoins&8]&6&m--------------' # <- Header of the /sj command
      ToggledOn: '&7You have toggled notifications &aon&7.' # <- /sj toggle - Command
      ToggledOff: '&7You have toggled notifications &coff&7.' # <- /sj toggle - Command
      Joined: '&7has joined.' # <- {name} has joined. Message.
      Left: '&7has left.' # <- {name} has joined. Message.
    staffjoins.send - If you are using BungeePerms, make sure the players have this permissions to SEND the broadcast.
    staffjoins.see - if you want your staff to see broadcasts, give them this permission.
    staffjoins.<rank> - If you're not using BungeePerms give each rank this permission, replacing <rank> with their rank.

    Halp! I found a bug!
    Great? Leave me a stacktrace and a copy of your config, in the discussion and I will try and help you :)

    Hey! Hey! I've got an idea!
    Woohoo! Tell me! I want to make this plugin the best for you, the users. So tell me in the discussion, or PM me.

    Servers using this plugin:
    Want your server here? PM me or leave a post in the discussion!
    None :(

    I create this plugin in my free time, please, don't copy this plugin then claim it as yours. It is upsetting, and makes me lose motivation for this plugin. If you want a modified version, feel free to Private Message me.

    - James
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Recent Reviews

  1. ImM7mqd
    Version: 2.3a
    Review: Awesome plugin, i used it on my server and it wasn't having any Errors 5 Star rated.

    Idea for other plugin: Make a Staff-Chat plugin for BungeeCord
    with custom config! keep going in <3
  2. Skaiz
    Version: 2.3a
    Awesome plugin, but seems like it's in need of recode, please do that in future, could be awesome :)
  3. Mister_Ideas
    Version: 2.3a
    Good plugin but join messages are not working actually :/
    And the reload command to.

    1. JamesJ
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review.
      I look to rework this plugin soon. With a complete rewrite. Don't hold me to that however, it's just a plan.
  4. DiscowZombie
    Version: 2.3a
    Very Nice plugin ! It's easy to config :)

    PS: "Serveur using my plugins:" can you add my server ? :)
  5. Refornm
    Version: 2.3a
    Awsome Plugin But Please Add Sounds When Staff Join And Leaves The Server For Each Group Rank Please This Will Add The Effects To And Also Add Particles Plz! :D
    1. JamesJ
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review, however such things are not possible in a BubgeeCord plugin :(
  6. iVexusHD
    Version: 2.3a
    It's a really good plugin, however I'm not seeing any join messages, only leaving messages D:
  7. bjunited
    Version: 2.3
    Very Nice Plugin Im using it on my server and works very well. Thanks!
    1. JamesJ
      Author's Response
      Thanks <3
  8. AndyCraftz
    Version: 2.3
    Really like that plugin :D Simple config and do what it should do :)
    1. JamesJ
  9. Banana_Coder2
    Version: 2.3
    .... this is..... is!..... AWEMOSE, THANKS :D
    1. JamesJ
      Author's Response
      Thanks :D
  10. Christian2185
    Version: 2.3
    Great plugin, Highly Recommend!
    1. JamesJ
      Author's Response
      Thanks! :D
      P.S: Sorry for the late reply xD