Stafflist 3.0

A nice ingame gui to display all your staff

  1. Webmets
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    Source Code:
    Staff list
    Stafflist is a small and fun plugin for any server
    to display online and offline staff in a highly customizable GUI

    - Display all staff in a highly customizable GUI
    - Customizable messages
    - Easy to setup config
    Code (Text):

            name: "&a{PLAYER_NAME}"
            - "&2Name: &a{PLAYER_NAME}"
            - "&2Rank: &a{PLAYER_RANK}"
            name: "&c{PLAYER_NAME}"
            - "&4Name: &c{PLAYER_NAME} &4Rank: &c{PLAYER_RANK}"
            - "&c{PLAYER_NAME} is currently offline!"
        name: "&4Staff"
        rows: 6
        showOffline: true
        noPermGui: "&cYou are not allowed to view the stafflist!"
        noPermReload: "&cYou are not allowed to reload the stafflist config!"
    - "Owner"
    - "Admin"
    - "Moderator"
    - "Helper"

    Permissions & commands

    > /stafflist
    - Permission "stafflist.view" open the stafflist gui
    > /stafflist reload
    - Permission "stafflist.reload" reload the config

    > "stafflist.*RANK*"
    - Permission to give to your staff (note that *RANK* must be registered in config)
    > "stafflist.view.offline"
    - Allow the user to see offline staff (if enabled in config "gui.showOffline: true)

    Setup & config

    Setting up this plugin is as easy as downloading it!
    1. Download the stafflist.jar from spigotmc
    2. Upload the file to your server, and RESTART your server
    (no NOT use /reload, or the plugin will break)
    3. Set up the permissions and config to your liking
    4. Use the /stafflist reload command to apply final changes


    This plugin has a few custom place holders that can be used during for configuration. A full list can be seen below

    these place holders only apply to '*'
    {PLAYER_NAME} show the player's name
    {PLAYER_RANK} show the player's rank
    {PLAYER_TIME} show how long the player has been ingame (in seconds, will be updated soon)

    these place holders only apply to 'skull.offline.*'
    {PLAYER_NAME} show the player's name
    {PLAYER_RANK} show the player's rank

Recent Updates

  1. Added support to show offline staff
  2. Bug fix
  3. More customization

Recent Reviews

  1. tofonek
    Version: 3.0
    hello can you add /staff to stafflist ? no /stafflist ? and more information on skull etc. helper have blue prefix and owner red prefix please add
  2. FunnyNeems88
    Version: 3.0
    Cool plugin! But there is 1 thing i would like: Can you make it with permission ex? Because now it is to much work to edit the config. Example: If i doe /pex user (name) group set helper it will be added on /stafflist with the group helper? Sorry for my bad english. I hope you understand me.
    1. Webmets
      Author's Response
      Hello, I will look into this for the next update :)
  3. MrSweeter
    Version: 2.5
    Maybe you could add a boolean in config, to show offline players also.

    So it's up to the admin to choose who to show (full staff / connected staff)

    And to exaggerate a little: D, to add permissions online / offline (Staff can see offline and player just online for example)

    Simple but well presented, config tidy and clear
    1. Webmets
      Author's Response
      I had a system for that planned, but I just needed to decide on the best way to store the data.

      Thank you for your review, if you have other suggestions feel free to let me know :)
  4. Shev
    Version: 1.0
    Great plugin! You can change the colors and you have a very excellent config! But it would be nice if you also can change the Title of the GUI.
    1. Webmets
      Author's Response
      Will add that in the next update, together with a {PLAYER_TIME} placeholder, to display how long the player was ingame