StaffList 3.84

Show staff members with a neat GUI.

  1. DaChiimp
    List staff members with a neat GUI as well as their rank

    Add and remove staff members easily with an in-game command and let your players see the staff as well as see if they are online or not.

    Where is this useful?

    It could be that you may want to make it clear to your players who are staff and who to ask for help.

    Plugin Support

    This currently supports Essentials and VanishNoPacket ( VanishNoPacket removed until later date) so that if they are vanished they appear offline. Also if the plugin uses the Bukkit method of hidePlayer then it should also be supported as I used canSee.


    The commands are very simple.

    /staff - Show staff members (no permission)
    /staff modify - Edit the positions of players in the GUI (and remove)
    /staff reload - Reload the config file

    To add a staff member:
    1) /staff add <player> <rank>
    2) It's as simple as that! They can now be seen via /staff

    To remove a staff member:
    1) /staff remove<player>
    2) It's as simple as that! They will no longer be seen via /staff

    There is a permission for each command.

    staff.modify - Access to add and removing staff members as well as editing their positions
    staff.modify - Access to reloading the config

    Demonstration of the staff list


    StaffHeadTitle = Change the title of the staff members skull
    ShowRank = Show the rank of the staff member
    ShowLastLogin = Show the last login of the staff member
    ShowOnlineTime = Show how long the player has been online for (takes last login away from current time)
    IGN_Template = The IGN format
    RANK_Template = The Rank Format
    LASTLOGIN_Template = The Last Login Format
    ONLINETIME_Template = The Online Time Format

    %player% = Replaced with the players name (staffhead)
    %rank% = Replaced with the rank of the player (staffhead)
    %lastlogin% = Replaced with the last login of the player
    %onlinetime% = Replaced with the online time of the player
    &1-9 + &a-f = Color Codes

    For support with any of my plugins visit this link.


    Please note I am no longer adding new features to this plugin, just updating / bug fixing. A new pStaffList plugin has been released with a lot more features including Spacers and further Bungee support. New features will be added to this plugin. It is also extremely more optimized. This is mainly because I do not have the amount of time to update these plugins, do private plugin requests and be a student.

    Get it here.


    - Numero Uno for featuring this plugin :D
    - - For beta testing versions of this plugin :D
    - - For beta testing versions of this plugin :D

Recent Reviews

  1. Ducki0210
    Version: 3.84
    Really nice plugin and good work but i have a 1.12.2 and a 1.15.2 server :/ can you update it for Minecraft 1.15.2
  2. MunicSkies
    Version: 3.84
    I like the plugin a lot, has helped stop people being mini mods and faking as a staff member, Im trying to buy the premium version but cant find it anywhere? a response would be lovely
  3. CMarco
    Version: 3.84
    This does not work on Waterfall/Bungeecord. »»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»--
  4. danny1337xdd
    Version: 3.84
    Simple, and easy! Big Ups to the dude who created this (80 letters ha ha ha ha ah)
  5. Ostr
    Version: 3.84
    Very Good -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  6. SladeHazard
    Version: 3.84
    i will change my review to 5 stars if u disable the update msg im using the lates version still its spamming to update the version
  7. FatihCetin
    Version: 3.84
    I cant edit staff list, gui is not showing up
    10:41:43 AM [INFO] FatihCetin issued server command: /staff modify
    Move the items bla bla bla
    There is no staff setup
    If you fix it i will give 5 star :D
    Btw really can we fix this at Discord or PM? Thanks
  8. BlitzGamer88
    Version: 3.84
    I love this plugin! There is a thing that you may fix. Player's head does not load skins ... I don't know why but can you help me? version 1.12.2
  9. FactionsCowie
    Version: 3.84
    Could You Possibly Add Console Support? It Will mean the world to me, because i have a custom setrank system and i want to be executed by console not by players, please just make /staff add (name) (rank) to be Available in console ;) please thanks
  10. Blakeyman03
    Version: 3.84
    Very good plugin. Extremely easy to add staff members, custom ranks, and lists staff member as offline when in vanish. Recommend this plugin!