StaffMode Lite v4.0.2

More than meets the eye! Never judge a book buy its cover!

  1. xXkguyXx
    Vextricity- thanks!
    [​IMG]StaffMode Offers a Great Selection Of Commands. (More To Come) The Commands That StaffMode Offers Helps with various things, For Example Server Managment!

    Contributors: Vextricity- THANK YOU!

    NO LONGER DEPENDS On SaveInventorys

    Thanks For 900 Downloads!

    Thanks To EMWGAMING For The Review!:


    • /Vanish - Hide YourSelf Or UnHide YourSelf.
    • /StaffMode - Puts Player Into StaffMode.
    • /ClearChat - Clears Chat.
    • /MuteChat - Mute, Or UnMute Chat.
    • /StaffChat - Talk Amount Other Staff Members!
    • /Freeze - Freeze Or UnFreeze A Player From Moving!
    • /Warn - Warn A Player About Something!
    • /Heal - Heals You.
    • /Feed - Feeds You.
    • /Fly - Toggle Fly!
    • /Tp - Teleport To Players
    • /Tphere - Teleport A Player To You!
    • / Ci - Clears Your Inventory!
    • /Report - report A Player!
    • /EnderChest - Shows Your EnderChest!
    • /WorkBench - Shows A Crafting Table!
    • /AdminGui - Shows A AdminGUI With UseFull Commands!
    • /BroadCast - BroadCast Stuff To Players!
    • /God - Enable / Disable God Mode!

    • StaffMode.ClearChat - Allows Access To /ClearChat
    • StaffMode.ClearInventory- Alows Access To /ci
    • StaffMode.Fly - Allows Access To /Fly
    • StaffMode.Freeze - Allows Access To /Freeze
    • StaffMode.Heal - Allows Access To /Heal
    • StaffMode.Feed - Allows Access To /Feed
    • StaffMode.StaffMode - Allows Access To /StaffMode And /Vanish
    • StaffMode.MuteChat - Allows Access To MuteChat!
    • StaffMode.MuteChat.Bypass - Allows Access to Bypass Chat While it is Muted!
    • StaffMode.Teleport - Allows Access To /tp and /tphere
    • StaffMode.Warn - Allows Access To /warn
    • StaffMode.Report - Allows Access To /report
    • StaffMode.StaffMode.See - Sees When A Player Enables/Disable StaffMode
    • StaffMode.AdminGui - Allows Access to /AdminGui
    • StaffMode.WorkBench - Allows Access To /WorkBench
    • StaffMode.EnderChest - Allows Access To /EnderChest
    • StaffMode.BroadCast - Allows Access To /Broadcast
    • StaffMode.Join.Full - Allows To Join When Server IS Full!
    • StaffMode.Report.See - See Reports Made about other Users
    • StaffMode.StaffChat - Allows Access To /StaffMode
    • StaffMode.Updater - If Player Has Permission or Is Opped They will be notified when a Update Is Available For StaffMode!
    • StaffMode.God - Allows Access to /god _________________________

    • When A Player Is In Vanish/StaffMode It Disables Picking up Blocks, Interacting With Blocks, And Damage!
    • When A Player is In StaffMode It Disables Taking Damage
    • When A Player Enters StaffMode It Saves There Inventory And Clears It. When They Get Out Of StaffMode It Gives Back There Items.
    • When A Player Is In StaffMode It Addes a Prefix To Them
    • If a Player Has A Permission StaffMode.StaffMode.See It Will Send Them a Message of Who Joined and Left StaffMode!
    • Allows Player To Join When Server is Full With A Permission Node!
    • Logs StaffChat To File StaffChatLogger.yml
    • More To Come!

    Want The Latest Version Of StaffMode But on 1.7? : Here You Go! This Version of StaffMode will work on 1.7, if you use this and use 1.7 Update From This Link, I Will Provide Updates For 1.7 :)

    Soon To Come!

    • YOUR IDEAS!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!!!!!!!!
    Got Any Ideas? Leave Them in The Comment Section!

    This Plugin Uses mcStats By Hindendra

    • The following data is sent to
    • Metrics revision of the implementing class
    • Server's GUID
    • Players currently online (not max player count)
    • Server version string (the same version string you see in /version)
    • Plugin version of the metrics-supported plugin
    • Any custom data the supporting plugin implements.
    Wanna See The Code?

    Servers using Staffmode Want your server listed? PM me!

    Want more customizability? Check out staff utitlies, the pro version of staff mode!

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Recent Reviews

  1. Mrdeafwarden
    Version: v4.0.2
    Good, but add staffactivity , so you can see how many Mutes,Bans,Kicks and time they have spend on the server.
  2. NeonCam_YT
    Version: v4.0.2
    /Warn - Warn A Player About Somthing! (WRITE it corectly) sorry for my bad english
  3. DanTheOwner
    Version: v4.0.2
    very nice plugin. it works perfectly on my server. I am very impressed with how the set up is because of the nice prefix and the variety of features of the plugin. I would like to see another plugin come soon because you are a very good coder and I like your skill of the game a lot. Thx.
  4. JustASquid
    Version: v4.0.2
    great plugin, I had items in my inventory, once entering staff mode and then leaving staff mode your inventory is cleared.
  5. LulKeith
    Version: v4.0.2
    Not very good and not very bad, you've said you'd be releasing the pro version for 6 months now, are you ever really going to?
    1. xXkguyXx
      Author's Response
      I'm working on a re-write, I've decided not to do pro anymore, Sorry about the EXTERMLY late response, I've been busy!
  6. flyguy2006
    Version: v4.0.2
    Awesome!!!! thanks for making this really really love it REALLY THANK YOU!!!!!!! its just like my friends server XD.!!!! he wont give me the plugin.
    1. xXkguyXx
      Author's Response
      ahah Thanks
  7. Quinten
    Version: v4.0.1
    Great plugin. Though one major bug. Once you have "Entered" StaffMode, you cannot properly exit, without a full reboot off the server. When you "Exit" StaffMode, the plugin still thinks that your partially in StaffMode, by disabling the breakage of blocks and pickup of them. Unsure what is causing this. (1.8.9 Server) Thanks.
  8. brooky1010
    Version: P-4.0.0
    I think it's good but alot of the commands are already included in Essentials. Maybe add more exclusive commands?
    1. xXkguyXx
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review, I added these so you can edit the messages.
  9. Korengenv1
    Version: v3.6.7
    Make it so we can change the gui name and the names in the gui also I dont think the random teleport is working
    1. xXkguyXx
      Author's Response
      GUI names, and stuff like that will be in the premium version of the plugin, and I will look into this. Thanks
  10. Subscribed
    Version: v3.6.7
    Its a decent plugin, although customization is minimal. Could you add a feature to be able to rename and edit the commands for an item? also change the slot location of an item?
    1. xXkguyXx
      Author's Response
      Renaming the items and slots are going to be in the pro version of staff mode, the pro version will be out in two weeks or less, thanks for the review!