StaffModePlus 1.0

Plugin that provides a set of useful tools to manage players better!

  1. Full version once again!

    I have restored this version back to the full version! Let me know of features you want to see in this!
  2. Trial Version 1.0

    This is the trial now! I am sorry guys, but I may eventually put this back to the full version for free here.

    Enabled commands:
    - StaffChat
    - StaffMode
    - Report
    - Reports

    All features can be used from staffmode, by clicking on the player with the object!
  3. Future of StaffModePlus

    Hey everyone.

    This update has not added any new features. However, I wanted to let you all know, the next update will be making this resource a Free Trial version. I have to make a change, and this is what it came to. The full version will only cost $2, and the reason for that is to keep it cheap, and at the same time, support me. Every few updates to the premium version, the free version (This one) will get an update.

    I really hope you all understand where I am coming from.

    Thank you.
  4. Working on this plugin once again!

    This update fixes a few bugs and reworks a few mechanics!

    - StaffChat has been properly fixed. No longer can normal players see it!

    - Freezing now 100% prevents movement

    - Fixed bug with Silent chest opening


    - Auto CPS check

    - Few anti cheat checks (???)

    - Muting and Banning (All punishments)

    - Support system

    - Many more!
  5. Minor Changes

    Updated to fix /reports to a GUI.
  6. StaffModePlus

    - Minor bug fixes
    - Major update postponed (Smaller updates will still be released often)
  7. StaffModePlus

    - Warning
    - Warns to Player Data file
    - UUID Support
    - Reset Player's Data files

    PM me with suggestions if you have any!
  8. StaffModePlus

    - Added a report system
    - Player Data files
    - Fixed error when trying to inspect offline players
    - Minor cosmetic changes
  9. StaffModePlus

    - Potion Effects are shown in the inspection menu
    - Message added when a CPS test is started
    - CPS Test system reworked (Internal, no noticeable changes)

    - Minor Bug fixes