StaffMonitor 0.2

Monitor the activity of your staff.

  1. Important Update

    • New system for detecting forbidden commands, thanks to Max2 for the idea.
    • New settings for the thumbnail image of embed messages, thanks to _Pomme2Terre for the idea.
    • New language file (French), thanks to _Pomme2Terre for supplying it, you can select it by putting FR in Language path on config.yml.
    • All known bugs were fixed.


    • The variable from %Last_World% becomes %World% and is now global. (not just for leave messages)
    • Added the path to configure the thumbnail image. (You can delete your language file or directly add the following path in each of your embeds)
    Code (Text):
    Embed_Thumbnail: "%Player_Head%"
    • Added the path to configure the forbidden command detection messages. (To obtain them you must delete your config.yml file and your language file or manually set the following paths)
    • In Discord_Messages:
    Code (Text):

            Embed_Color: "#f2fc35"
            Embed_Description: "`%Player%` executed a forbidden command!"
            #Thumbnail image (If you want to change it, you must change it to a url).
            Embed_Thumbnail: "%Player_Head%"
            #These are the sections that the embed message has,
            #leave inLine in false if you want the sections to be separated, if not put in true.
                    Title: "> :bust_in_silhouette: Rank of player"
                    Content: " %Rank%"
                    In_Line: false
                    Title: "> :computer: Command executed"
                    Content: " %Command%"
                    In_Line: false
                    Title: "> :map: Command executed in"
                    Content: " %World%"
                    In_Line: true
                    Title: "> :calendar_spiral: Command executed on"
                    Content: " **%Command_Date%** at `%Command_Hour%`"
                    In_Line: true
    • In Minecraft_Messages:
    Code (Text):

        - "&7&m---------&7<&e %Player% Executed a command &7>&m---------"
        - ""
        - "&fRank: &c%Rank%"
        - "&fCommand: &c%Command%"
        - "&fWorld: &c%World%"
        - ""
        - "&7&m-----------------------------------------"

    Code (Text):

        #Decide if you want to be notified when a command is executed.
        Command_Alert_Discord: true
        Command_Alert_Minecraft: true
        #The list of commands that will alert when used (without /).
        - "op"
        - "/set 0"
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