StaffTools | Improve Moderation 3.0.1

Helpful plugin to enforce the rules on your server

  1. Xipont
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8




    This stafftools plugin aims to help your staff members moderate the server with ease with the many features it offers, and strives to improve with new innovative, and useful features to ensure the plugin is unique and compatible with many versions. The plugin has commands to help players, such as the staff requests. The staffmode itself has many things to offer: Underground users, Follower tool, etc..

    And I hope to add many more things to improve the quality of this plugin.



    Unfortunately, currently there is no video available for this plugin.
    If you wish you can create a video reviewing the plugin and send it to me, maybe I will include it here.



    Enabling Staffmode: "stafftools.toggle"
    Viewing a player's IP in the inventory examiner: "stafftools.viewip"
    Kick somebody out of staffmode: "stafftools.staffmodekick"
    Hides you from the underground user list: stafftools.miners.bypass

    Check the plugin version: "stafftools.versioncheck"
    Open the staff list: "stafftools.list"

    Get included in the staff list: "stafftools.list.include"
    Hide/Un-hide from staff list: "stafftools.list.hide"
    See hidden staff in stafflist: "stafftools.list.hidebypass"
    Use the staffchat: "stafftools.staffchat"
    Request staff: "stafftools.staffrequest"
    See staff requests: "stafftools.requestalerts"
    Freeze a player: "stafftools.freeze"

    Bypass the freeze: "stafftools.freeze.bypass"
    /Staff commands: "stafftools.staff"
    Toggle staffchat visibility: "stafftools.scv"
    Open help gui: ""
    Reporting: ""
    Seeing reports: "stafftools.receive"
    Clear the chat: "stafftools.clearchat"
    Toggle the chat: "stafftools.togglechat"
    Bypass the togglechat: "stafftools.togglechat.bypass"
    Slow the chat: "stafftools.slowchat"
    Bypass the chat slow: "stafftools.slowchat.bypass"
    Toggle receiving reports: "stafftools.reports.toggle"
    Check total reports of a player: "stafftools.checkreport"
    Bypass the AntiSwear: "stafftools.antiswear.bypass"
    Clear the lag: "stafftools.clearlag"
    Request a ban: "stafftools.requestban"
    Get affected by staff authentication system: "stafftools.authenticate"
    Register a password: "stafftools.register"
    Log in: "stafftools.login"
    Changing password: "stafftools.login"



    Ice: Slot 1, (Freeze) Freeze a player.
    Iron Horse Armor: Slot 2, (Follow) Right click a player to follow them.
    Book: Slot 3, (Examine Inventory) Examine a player's inventory and view their stats.
    Nothing: Slot 4, (Empty Slot)
    White Carpet: Slot 5, (Better Looking)
    Nothing: Slot 6, (Empty Slot)
    Skull: Slot 7, (Miners) Displays underground users (Y 25 and lower)
    Red Music Disk: Slot 8, (Random Teleport) Teleport yourself to a random player.

    Lime Dye | Gray Dye: Slot 9, (Toggle Vanish) Toggles your vanish.

    Contains most of the useful tools you would need in a staffmode.

    /staffmode || /modmode || /mod (Enable/disable staffmode)
    /staffmodekick || /staffmoderemove (Disable someones staffmode)
    /staffmodeversion || /staffmodever (Shows you the current version)
    /staff <list|hide> (Shows the stafflist/hides you from the stafflist)

    /staffchat || /sc (Toggle staffchat)
    /request staff <message> (Request staff)
    /freeze <user> || /ss <user> || /screenshare <user> (Freeze a player)
    /staffchatv || /scv (Toggle staffchat visibility)
    /warn <user> <reason> (Warn a player)
    /clearchat (Clears the server chat)
    /togglechat (Toggles the chat for members)
    /slowchat <seconds> [Anti-Spam] (Define the seconds a player must wait between sending messages)
    /reports (Toggle receiving reports)
    /checkreport <user> (Check how many times a player has been reported)
    /staff reload (Reloads the config file)
    /clearlag (Clears the ground items instantly)
    /requestban <player> <reason>
    /register <password> (Register a new password) [Staff Authentication]
    /login <password> (Log in) [Staff Authentication]
    /changepassword <old password> <new password> [Staff Authentication]


    StaffList (with hide & more..) [GUI]
    Underground Users List [GUI]
    Freezing players
    Version Check & Update link
    Disabling someone's staffmode
    Inventory Examiner with a lot of neat information [GUI]
    Staff requesting system
    Help [GUI]
    Sound Effects
    Chat Managing
    Reporting system
    Anti Spam
    Anti Swear
    Anti Caps
    Anti Advertising (Toggleable)
    Clear Lag
    Requesting Bans
    Staff Authentication (Toggleable)


    Download milestones:

    400 Downloads (x)

    Thank you for using my plugin!
    If you have suggestions please tell me!
    If you enjoyed the plugin leave a review

    If you encounter a problem with the plugin, please send me a message and screenshot the error log. After that I will take action and try to fix the error(s) as fast as possible.

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Recent Reviews

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    Version: 3.0.1
    I really like the way this plugin sounds and id like it if you could please update to 1.12.2
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  3. Arthed
    Version: 2.7
    The best plugin of this type! is good becouse work with any version without errors.
    1. Xipont
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the 5 stars I glad you like the plugin :D
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    Version: 2.1
    Awesome plugin! I've been looking for a similar plugin for a long time but haven't found any for 1.12.2. I've tried this on my server and it works very well without any errors.
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      Author's Response
      <3 Thank you for the positive feedback.